Posted by Heather Rutz on Jul 06, 2018
Changing of the Guard celebrates past Rotary year.
Outgoing Lima Rotary Club President Tracie Sanchez was roasted and toasted Monday at the club’s annual Changing of the Guard ceremony.
Tracie and incoming President Paul Swartz exchanged pins and helped honor and remember several club members.
The club has had a very busy year under Sanchez’ leadership, and it showed in several awards the club earned this year: a presidential citation, a significant achievement award from the district, and a WOCAP stepping stones award.
“The club, the district, and most importantly our community is better off because of Tracie’s leadership,” said past president Dave Frost, who emceed the ceremony.
Earning Avenues of Service awards were:
  • Rex Perry Club Service: Catheryn Sarno 
  • Rudolph Community Service: Jill Ackerman
  • Goodnight International Service: Richard Schroeder
  • Wemmer Vocational Service (tie): Linda Hamilton and Dr. Susan Hubbell
  • Hulsken Youth Service Award: Joe Kitchen
  • The Spirit of Rotary Award: Paul Yessenow, awarded posthumously.
The club recognized outgoing foundation board members Jeff Fitzgerald, Butch Kirk and Richard Warren, and outgoing executive board members Jill Ackerman, Paul Crow, and Dave Frost.
The club recognized those with 40 or more years of membership:
  • 59 Years, Frank Frost
  • 55 Years, Chuck Leidy
  • 52 Years, Richard Riggs
  • 47 Years, Bob Komminsk
  • 47 Years, Chuck Butts
  • 46 Years, Jim Parmenter
  • 45 Years, Ralph Ellis
  • 44 Years, Dick Schroeder
  • 43 Years, Bill Timmermeister
  • 43 Years, Otto Bollenbacher
  • 43 Years, PP  David Steiner
  • 42 Years, Fred Seelenbinder.
The club remembered three members who passed away this year:
  • John Hubbell
  • Kelli DeLong
  • Paul Yessenow
Past Presidents of the Lima Rotary Club