Posted by Heather Rutz on Mar 15, 2018
The Board of DD wants the community to recognize the potential of all people.
The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is marking Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month this March by raising the profiles of their clients and celebrating their contributions.
The board’s vision is a community that recognizes the importance and potential of all people, Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities Community Connections Specialist Sarah Troyer told the Lima Rotary Club audience Monday.
Troyer thanked community partners for support. “It truly takes a unified community to serve people with developmental disabilities so that they have opportunities and support in living the best life they choose.  We appreciate our many partnerships in Lima and Allen County that make these opportunities possible,” she said.
The board focuses on integrating their clients into a larger community with the goal of all members of a community not just living together but living, learning, working, and playing together.
One particular service provided by the Allen County Board of DD is Employment Navigation, Troyer said. Finding work can be challenging for many people, regardless of whether they have a disability.  Employment Navigation is an integral part of supporting people the board serves.
Community based assessments allow people to try different jobs to gauge skill level. Job development helps people with job search tasks. Job coaching provides staff to help a person learn new job duties. The transportation budget helps get people to and from work. Employment Follow-Along is a program that provides a staff member who checks in with employees and employers.
Troyer introduced the audience to three people with the board looking for employment and said employers can contact the board if they are interested in learning more about employing people through the Employment Navigation process.