Posted by Anne Decker
Mike Person has "one heck of a ride" in professional football.
San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Mike Person was the guest speaker at the Lima Rotary Club on Monday. He told us that his love of football developed when he was a child growing up in Glendive, Montana where his father was the high school football coach. "My first love was football. My earliest memories were of going to practice with my dad." Mike began playing football in the 7th grade and played through high school and college. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011, then played for Indianapolis, St. Louis, Seattle, Atlanta and Kansas City before coming back to San Francisco in 2018. Mike says his family's support kept him going through all the changes. "All you need is to believe in yourself and the support of your family and I have that in spades. They've been behind me every step of the way and that means the world to me."
Mike finally got the chance to play in the Super Bowl this year after missing it three times when he was cut by teams that were Super Bowl bound. "That was an amazing experience. The most surreal part was when I first got the stadium and you see all the lights and you see all the cameras and you go out on the field and that's when it really hits you."
Mike met his wife,  Bath High School graduate Kelly Schepp during his first stint in San Francisco. They have a house in Ohio and have three children.