Posted by Anne Decker on May 15, 2018
Midwestern values serve Devin Rumer well in Hollywood.
Actor, writer, director and Lima native Devin Rumer joined the Marines when he left home and then took a government job in Washington, DC that he hated. At the age of 30 he was fired, and decided to follow his heart and become an actor. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2007, Devin has worked in front and behind the camera on television and in films such as Criminal Minds, Young and the Restless, Body of Lies, Burn After Reading and J. Edgar, which was directed by his hero Clint Eastwood. Devin told Lima Rotarians that the midwest lessons and values he learned growing up in Lima have served him well in Hollywood, such as, "Something given has no value," and, "If you value something you must fight for it." Devin has also written a book for beginning actors, “So you want to be an Actor, now what?” In 2015 he formed Delta Echo productions with his partner Eve Cerda. Their goal is to produce high quality, low cost films with substance. Devin will be conducting a workshop at Encore Theatre on May 26 for anyone interested in becoming an actor. Devin roadtripped to Lima from Los Angeles with his dog Casper who joined us for our meeting.