Posted by Anne Decker on Nov 11, 2021
An orchestra conductor is a metaphor for leadership, according to the new conductor of the Lima Symphony Orchestra.
The Lima Rotary Club got a chance to meet the new conductor of the Lima Symphony Orchestra at Monday's meeting. Maestro Andrew Crust told us that conductors have to have a number of skills: they have to master a single instrument (his are the trumpet and the fluglehorn), they have to understand how all instruments work, they need to understand the history of classical music and current contemporary trends, and have a physical technique with the baton. Crust says he spends a lot of time alone absorbing the music that he will be conducting so he can communicate what he wants to the orchestra, but he says he also keeps an open mind and considers suggestions from the musicians. Crust says a lot of leadership lessons can be learned from his job. "It's all about non-verbal communication. You have to have a clear idea of what you're looking for and know how to bring it out in people and  bring them along on this journey with you. But more importantly, you have to create a memorable event at every concert, not just for the audience, but for the musicians themselves."