Posted by Katy Page
The Lima Rotary Club marks World Polio Day by hearing from two polio survivors.
Brenda Ferguson and Bob Boyce both contracted polio as children and went through lengthy hospital stays. They have been successful in their careers and consider themselves fortunate the disease did not do more damage. Their lives have been very challenging with the disabilities the disease has caused. Bob had a 27-year career with BP and has since retired. Since his retirement, he has suffered from post-polio syndrome which has taken a toll on his ability to walk any distance and kayaking is a thing of the past. Brenda is also retired and is suffering from the post-polio syndrome and has limited abilities of walking herself. Both stories we compelling and we thank them both for sharing with Rotary. They both thanked Rotary multiple times for the work we do to eradicate polio.
Also at Monday's meeting, we awarded blue badges to six members: Wayne Korpics, Rick Kortokrax, Dave Stratton, Jennifer Mason, Shanna Barnes, Tommie Harner, Dr. Cynthia Spiers and Kerri Romes. Congratulations!