Posted by Joseph Kitchen
A history of Lima, Ohio through postcards.
Lima Rotary Club members were given a walk down memory lane via historical postcards of Lima, Ohio by our tour guide Richard Warren. 
He shared with members of the club that he began this working on this presentation in 1988 through his love of history. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Heidelberg College studying history and political science, before going on to law school.
Warren said his interest in the Lima region’s rich oil history sparked his curiosity about our areas buildings and historical locations.
He showed us interesting photographs of places such as, the Allen County courthouse which was built in 1882 for a grand price of $213,000. He shared with us that the total cost of the furniture for the courthouse was only $6900, and that much of it is still in use today! 
He discussed other historical buildings such as Saint Rose Church which was built in 1872, the Lima Driving Park which was a favorite for bicyclists, horse racing, and motorcycle enthusiasts, located where Lima Memorial Health System is today.
We learned about the 1913 flood, saw postcards of a bustling downtown Lima Public Square in the late 1800s, streets made of wood blocks, and many other interesting commercial and residential properties.
Judge Warren wrapped up his presentation by reminding us about the value of preserving history, as well as learning from it.