Posted by Heather Rutz on Sep 26, 2017
State school board attempting strategic plan.
The Ohio State Board of Education is about to create something it hasn’t had in a long time: A strategic plan for education.
Board President Tess Elshoff told Lima Rotary Club Monday the board is establishing working groups and seeking public input about a strategic plan, something it hasn’t had in years, she said.
Elshoff, the mother of five, is from New Bremen and had served on the school board there, until she joined the state board. With children in every stage of school, she has a good lens on education in Ohio.
“Every aspect of school is at my kitchen table every night,” Elshoff said.
Elshoff said she became interested in education policy not only as a mother, but also as a student. She had a learning disability that was not diagnosed until she was in high school. That experience led her to wonder how she might make a difference in the lives of other children.
“I have a son who struggled in school, as I did, and I wanted to help,” Elshoff said. “And then I had the opportunity to be a voice at the state level.”
The strategic plan will allow for proactive thought about what Ohioans want for their education system. It will include input from superintendents, teachers, and other stakeholders. And it will focus on a vision for student success and readiness. The five workgroups are: standards, assessments, and accountability; early learning and literacy; excellent educators and instructional practices; student supports and school climate and culture; and high school success  and post-secondary connections.