Posted by Bob Ruehl on Sep 15, 2017
You're invited to the Uniendo Project Fair in Belize!
If you have never before  been to Belize---- then 2018 is the  year to treat yourself  to an unforgettable experience and meet some of the most  splendiferous  Rotarians of Central America.   The Belize, Uniendo America Project Fair, in 2018 is the place to begin your International Project Adventure;  And if developing an International Project is  not your  only dream  and  desire----
1.       You can never GET LOST  in the only English speaking country in Central America
2.      Interested in practicing or improving your Maya, Spanish, German, Garifuna, Creole, Chinese, Hindi or Urdu and Arabic?----THEN BELIZE IS THE PERFECT LANGUAGE  LABORATORY FOR YOU.
3.      If you are unfamiliar with the secrets of  Microcredit  and the arcane and mysterious workings of your Rotary Foundation then you need to be here and listen to the experts shed light on the inner workings of these enigmatic institutions. 
4.      Not one but TWO Blue Holes and the second longest Barrier Reef in the world.  Good diving too!
5.      5268 species of North American Birds can’t all be wrong; they are enjoying the warmth, sunshine and the hospitality of Belize from October to May.
6.      The most dynamic people from seven of the smallest and most interesting and beautiful countries in the Western hemisphere are here to help you make Central America and the world a better place to live.
7.      The best LITTLE zoo in the world with the only Harpy Eagle in captivity.
8.       If you have a special Interest that you want to discuss,   enterprise that you would like to begin, or unique concern that needs attention then ROUNDTABLE is for you. 
9.       Belize is the only country in the world where  you can  drink DELICIOUS  BILIKEN  BEER
OOPS I FORGOT WHAT # 10 IS!   Well 9 is enough...and to make your  visit as easy as  8-9-10 just click on the link below  &  register.
Respectfully, Yours In Rotary,  
André Lopez