Posted by Esther Baldridge
Your help is needed with Lima's mass vaccination clinics.
District 6600 has initiated a Rotary COVID Coalition to assist in the mass vaccination clinics (MassVax) throughout our district that will take place in Maumee, Lima, and Mansfield.  Our intent is to provide a group of volunteers throughout Northwest Ohio to make the MassVax clinics flow smoothly.  Jobs would include items like:

            Traffic control
            Taking temperatures
            Assisting with paperwork
            Assisting vaccinators
            Watching over the post vaccination area

Assisting with vaccinations is in our DNA as Rotarians. Our work in the Polio Plus project around the world is well known and continues to this day.  This will not be a long-term program. We are anticipating it taking place beginning approximately April 1 and running through the month of June. The Covid Coalition program will allow Rotarians to volunteer when they can for the times that they can. We are well aware of everyone’s busy schedule and we understand that not everybody will be able to take part in this program. But if you have a heart for service and want to do something very important to make our communities safer, than this may be just the one thing you’ve been looking for over the last year when we have felt so disconnected from our clubs and from our service projects.

If you would like to help, the very first step is to register with Ohio Responds. Registering and taking the very limited training will classify you as a volunteer for the program.  This puts you under the state’s liability umbrella. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to get registered with Ohio Responds.

STEP 1: Log onto:

1.Click on ADD Organizations 

2.Click on 01-Medical Reserve Corps 

3.Select Counties (please select counties where 
MassVax clinics are being located)  

STEP 3  
a.Continue Filling Out Information  

b.When you get to your occupation select medical or non-medical (if you have had any medical 
training it will ask for additional information so they know how they could best use your skills). 
Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email from Ohio Responds. Because Rotary will not know that you registered, it is crucial that you contact either myself or President John so that we can compile a list of the members from our club that are willing to help. 

Once you have registered, you will be contacted by Beth Litsey who is stationed at Mercy Health - St. Rita's offering you volunteer options.  You can accept or decline any or all of the time slots that are available.  It is possible that we can schedule a day when 10 - 15 Rotarians can all work together.  If so, I will let you know.  In light of this, I need to know as soon as possible how many of you are willing to serve in this capacity.  

I hope Lima Rotary is able to step up and help in this important work.
Yours in Service, 
Esther Baldridge