Posted by John Ficorilli
Share information, build connections and exchange ideas at the Rotary Virtual Zone Summit October 10.
One of the main reasons I joined Rotary was so that I could meet interesting people in other industries.  You see, I am an introvert and I don’t go out to meet new people on my own very often.  The great thing about Rotarians around the world is that most of them are not as reserved as me.  I just show up and they come to me!  I have done my best to attend Rotary district events and training sessions over the years.  I have met Rotarians from all over the US and the world.  There are so many very interesting people in the world of Rotary who are doing many great things.  This year has been a little different, but I still have met a lot of new people through Rotary Zoom meetings and webinars. 
There is a really great event scheduled for October 10.  Please see this link for details:
Unfortunately, I am traveling this day and will not be able to attend.  I am hoping that a number of our club members can attend (in the recent past, our club has not been very well represented at these types of events.  But that is the past and I know we are a NEW club now).  You might think I am talking to senior Rotarians, or board members, or someone else.  Actually, I am talking to you.  Take a chance to grow your relationship with Rotary.  Learn something new.  Meet someone new.  Don’t plan for the whole day.  Go for an hour.  Learn something that you can bring back to our club to make us better.
For those of you who can attend, please let me know so we can spread the knowledge you gain.
Thank you for your consideration.
Yours in service,