We are disappointed to announce that Lima Rotary Club meetings are cancelled for the next three weeks. Our members' safety is of the utmost importance and we want to do all we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus. At this point, we hope to resume our meetings on April 6. The District 6600 Conference has also been cancelled. We'll keep you posted as the situation develops.
Blood Clinic
The Lima Rotary Club regrets to announce that we will not hold our Spring Blood Clinic this year due to the coronavirus. We expect to hold the Fall Blood Clinic as usual.
The Scoop - March 9, 2020
Mike Person has "one heck of a ride" in professional football.
San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Mike Person was the guest speaker at the Lima Rotary Club on Monday. He told us that his love of football developed when he was a child growing up in Glendive, Montana where his father was the high school football coach. "My first love was football. My earliest memories were of going to practice with my dad." Mike began playing football in the 7th grade and played through high school and college. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011, then played for Indianapolis, St. Louis, Seattle, Atlanta and Kansas City before coming back to San Francisco in 2018. Mike says his family's support kept him going through all the changes. "All you need is to believe in yourself and the support of your family and I have that in spades. They've been behind me every step of the way and that means the world to me."
Mike finally got the chance to play in the Super Bowl this year after missing it three times when he was cut by teams that were Super Bowl bound. "That was an amazing experience. The most surreal part was when I first got the stadium and you see all the lights and you see all the cameras and you go out on the field and that's when it really hits you."
Mike met his wife,  Bath High School graduate Kelly Schepp during his first stint in San Francisco. They have a house in Ohio and have three children.
The Scoop - March 2, 2020
Waynesfield-Goshen students are raising money to build a well in the Congo.
After reading in the book A Long Walk to Water about Nya, a child in the Congo who can’t go to school because she must walk eight hours a day to collect water for her family, Mrs. Johns' 5th grade students began researching how they might be able to make a difference in the lives of other students seven thousand miles away on a completely different continent. Eli Zechman, their amazing spokesperson, told us that the students discovered that not only do the children have to walk long distances to gather water, but that water is dirty and makes the villagers sick. They were inspired to do something. So they began Coins for the Congo, a fundraiser that would enable them to build a complete water well with pump, storage tanks, a generator, and the labor to do this project for the school of 327 children (mostly orphans) in the N’sele District of the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the time of our meeting, they had already raised $10,000 of their $15,000 goal. Lima Rotarians donated almost $800 that day. A local couple who immigrated from the Congo are helping the children complete the project.
Also at Monday's meeting, Bob Ruehl announced that he will not be involved in future international projects. Bob has made numerous trips to Central and South America over the past fifteen years to work on water and sanitation projects and has spent thousands of dollars of his own money on these trips. Thank you, Bob, for your hard work, your generosity, and your commitment to make life better for people all over the world.
Beth Seibert also encouraged Rotarians to support clean water efforts. She told us that 785 million people, 10% of the world's population, do not have access to basic drinking water service.  Beth told us that if children can raise $15,000 for a well, we should be able to do the same.
Also Monday, Jennifer Mason and Chris Horn were inducted into the Lima Rotary Club and Russ Decker exchanged his red badge for a blue badge.
Jacque Daley-Perrin did a cute presentation for National Read Across America Day. Celebrated every March 2nd on the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the day encourages children to read. 
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the joint meeting of the boards of the Lima Rotary Club and Lima Rotary Foundation on March 10th.
Lima Rotary Club Rotary Board of Directors & Rotary Foundation Board Joint Meeting
Tuesday March 10, 2020 Highlights
            Call to Order                                                                                       Ken Dysert
Dysert called the meeting together at 11:45 AM with the following Rotary Board Members present:  Carol Buettner,  Andy Farley, John Ficorilli, Jeff Fitzgerald, Jed Metzger,  and Anne Decker.  Also present were  Treasurer Dan Best and Secretary Rita Brown.
Foundation Board Members Present:  Demi Burden, Adah Ellerbrock, Linda Hamilton, Beth Seibert, Adam Stolly, Andy Wannemacher and Joe Watson.  Also Treasurer Jared Walsh was present.
Secretary’s Report                                                                              Rita Brown
Attendance report
February ended with 162 members which includes 4 Honorary Members.  The Club had 3 meetings as we didn’t meet on February 17th in observance of Presidents’ Day.  Attendance was at 42.57% and has been holding in our normal range.
President's Report                                                                               Ken Dysert
  1. District Conference – Maumee Bay Lodge, Oregon, OH.  It is scheduled for May 1 and 2.
  2. International Conference – June 6-10 Honolulu, Hawaii    It is scheduled for June 6 – 10. 
Lima Rotary Foundation President’s Report                                          Andy Wannemacher 
The Foundation Board awarded 14 grants during the period 7/1/2019 – 12/21/2019 for a total of $12,745.  Some grant request did not meet the necessary criteria.  The Foundation Board has a $7,000 per quarter
spending budget but has some flexibility.        
Joint Board Discussion
  1. Treasurer’s Report Lima Rotary Foundation                                               Jared Walsh
Walsh shared the Statement of Fund Balances, Receipts and Disbursements for the six month period – July 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.  The Board has a little leeway but has been conservative and stayed within the budget.  The balance in the General Fund at Dec 31, 2019, was $62,832.88.  The report further shows $1.149.50 was taken from the Hulsken Fund to pay for the Annual Children’s Christmas Party.  Also $5,000 was paid for the replacement of the Boardwalk in Kenrick Woods.   
The report includes the list of expenditures on the amphitheater.  As all land has been purchased and the tank remediation has been completed, the goal is to have the remaining demolition completed and grass planted on the property by springtime.  The credit line is currently at $206,000 and continues to be paid down with pledge payments coming in.  Tracie Sanchez and Rich Rudolph have worked closely with OH State Representative Bob Cupp and Senator Matt Huffman on the submission of a Grant Application to the State of OH.    More details will be shared at the Annual Meeting.   Stolly made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Watson seconded the motion.  Board approved.  
  1. Treasurer’s Report Lima Rotary Club                                                           Dan Best
Best shared the February Financials for the Club beginning with the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison as the February 28, 2020.  Receivables are up a little as the current balance also reflects tracking some receivables for the amphitheater.  All individuals asking for billing are tracked on the aging report.
Payables reflect a couple of items waiting for the Christmas Raffle and Golf Outing.  The report reflects being down a little in equity positions.  The Main Revenue item, dues, is down a little.   Receivables were worked in November and December and will be ramped up again at the end of the Month.  Best indicated a fund raiser to generate revenue is being discussed.  Also the amount of the monthly bill from the District is being checked and updated.  Metzger made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report as submitted and Ficorilli seconded the motion.  Boards approved.   
  1. Annual Meeting Preparation- date April 20                                                Ken Dysert/Andy Wannemacher
John Ficorilli/Lesley Fry
The Group has set a meeting for next Thursday to beginning the planning.
Board Seat Election Results                                                                 Rita Brown
Brown reported the ballots were counted earlier today.  Members selected to join the Rotary Club Board for the term running from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023 include:  Keith Horner, Derek Stemen and Andy Wannemacher.
Members selected to join the Lima Rotary Foundation Board for the term running from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023 include:  Russ Decker, Katy Page and Mike Powell.
Farley made a motion to accept the results of the election and to notify the candidates selected.  Fitzgerald seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
President Elect Report                                                                               John Ficorilli
New Ideas & Projects   
Ficorilli will be attending the President Elect Training Seminar in Columbus this weekend.  He plans to focus on   Membership and Social activities during his year.  The next Social Hour will be held at The Met on the 4th Tuesday of this month.  Getting together with another Rotary Club during the Social Hour is being planned.  
Polio Plus Update  
To-date, the club has raised $3,385 and with the match from the Gates Foundation, we are at $10,355.  One more fund raising event will be held yet this year.  Details will be forthcoming.
New Business:                                                                                             Rita Brown
There were no new applications this month
There was one resignation:
  • Russ Thomas
Metzger made a motion to accept his resignation with regret.  Fitzgerald seconded the motion.  Board approved.   
There being no additional business, Ken Dysert adjourned the meeting at 12:19 PM.
Respectfully submitted:
Rita Brown, Club Secretary
The Bath High School Interact Club continues to log lots of service hours here in our community as the school year rolls along!
Recently, several of our club members volunteered to help out at the Lima Family Promise Dinner. The students all said they had a great time assisting at this event. A few members said they were really touched by their interactions with families and children.
We also volunteered our time at the 2020 WBL H.S. Wrestling Tournament which was held at Bath. We conducted various duties throughout this long and busy day. The coaches and organizers were really thankful we were there.
On Sunday, March 8th, we met at the Bath Twp. Fire station for a few hours to make cards for local kids who have been diagnosed with pediatric cancer. They will be mailed to their homes
to help brighten their day. This was led by BHS freshman, and Interact Club member, Lauren Cunningham, herself a cancer survivor.
Saturday, March 14th is our annual Father Daughter Dance. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We currently fund two $500 scholarships for graduating Interact members. This is a lot of work, but a very fun event. We do all of the planning, decorating, and advertising. During the dance its “all hands on deck” to take admission at the door, coordinate the refreshments, chaperone the dancers, make sure they all get photos taken, and then clean it all up when it’s over! By the end of the night we are very exhausted, but happy to put on this exciting dance for our community. Seeing these little girls all dressed up with their dads by their side is really special.
On Friday, March 20th  we are helping with the Bath Elementary Spring Arts Festival by serving the spaghetti dinners. On Thursday, April 16th we are heading to the Bath H.S. Talent Show to cheer on the many talented kids in our school!
Then on Monday, April 20th we are supporting the Bath H.S. Boys Baseball team. We plan to make signs and bring all of our school spirit along with us.
On Saturday, May 2nd we will support the Bath H.S. Girls Softball team at their home game. We will cheer our Bath Wildcats and Wildkittens on to victory! Not a lot of students attend these games, so we want to show them that they have our support. (Every team deserves a cheering crowd!)
On Thursday, April 23rd we are volunteering to help with the STREAM event in the middle school at Bath. STREAM stands for “Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, and Mathematics”. We have been asked to assist the students at the many stations set up at the event.
We will be up early on Saturday, April 25th for the annual Ottawa River Clean Up. Beth Seibert has designated an area in for us right here in Bath Township. (We encourage the Rotarians to join us in this important effort!)
A huge project takes place on Thursday, May 7th. This is the semi-annual Mock Crash for Junior and Seniors. We will be doing all of the planning for this event as well as “starring” in the crash. We hope to teach our fellow students about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. This is a very powerful and impactful project.
Another exciting item to report is that sophomore Interact Club member, Kalie Kitchen, who serves as club treasurer, will be recognized at the 2020 Jefferson Awards Ceremony for her work with our club. Kalie has led the club in total volunteer hours for the last two years. Congratulations Kalie!
Finally, on Monday, May 11th we plan to see all of you at the Interact Club Pinning Ceremony during the Rotary meeting! The year is flying by and we continue to be focused on “Service Above Self!”

District Newsletter
Stay up to date with everything happening in District 6600 by reading the March newsletter.
Happy World Rotaract Week!
Young Leaders in Action
March 2020
Engaging the next generation of Rotary leaders
Happy World Rotaract Week! 
Rotaractors around the world are celebrating World Rotaract Week from 9 to 15 March 2020 and it's not too late to join the party! Check out these fun ways to celebrate this week and the rest of the Rotary year.

Don't forget to share your celebrations with #WorldRotaractWeek.  
Taking Action
Join us at the 2020 Rotaract Preconvention
Meet Rotaractors from around the world, build new skills, and explore Honolulu, Hawaii during the 2020 Rotaract Preconvention! 

Read about Viviana's experience during her first Rotaract Preconvention, then register to attend this year
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Take action on Global Youth Service Day
Global Youth Service Day, 17-19 April, is the largest youth service and civic action event that celebrates, expands, and sustains the capacity of youth and their communities to thrive by working together for the common good.

Learn more about how you can take action this Global Youth Service Day!
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Sign up for a digital subscription to The Rotarian
The Rotarian magazine shares inspiring stories of Rotary and Rotaract clubs around the world. Now Rotaract members are eligible for a free digital subscription to the award-winning publication. Sign up today!  
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Taking flight
Sarah Tuberty, a Rotary Youth Exchange and Interact alumna, current Rotaractor, and a member of the Rotary E-Club of Silicon Valley, is an advocate for people who have limb differences. With a degree in occupational therapy, experience as a flight attendant, and training as an acrobatic artist, Sarah seeks to change people’s perspective about limb differences and encourage people to be proud of their bodies no matter the circumstances.
 fb fb fb 
Resources & Events
Note: This list is informational only and does not constitute an endorsement of any event. Please contact event organizers for details. 

20-24 April 2020
Pan-American Conference
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
27-31 May 2020
Rotaract District 7020 and 7030 Joint District Conference
5-6 June 2020
Rotaract Preconvention
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
6-10 June, 2020
Rotary International Convention
Honolulu, Hawaii,USA
27 June - 1 July 2020
Hong Kong

Do you have an upcoming event to add to this list? Email us at

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