Blood Clinic
Thanks to everyone who turned out to help with our Fall Blood Clinic!
The Scoop - November 8, 2021
An orchestra conductor is a metaphor for leadership, according to the new conductor of the Lima Symphony Orchestra.
The Lima Rotary Club got a chance to meet the new conductor of the Lima Symphony Orchestra at Monday's meeting. Maestro Andrew Crust told us that conductors have to have a number of skills: they have to master a single instrument (his are the trumpet and the fluglehorn), they have to understand how all instruments work, they need to understand the history of classical music and current contemporary trends, and have a physical technique with the baton. Crust says he spends a lot of time alone absorbing the music that he will be conducting so he can communicate what he wants to the orchestra, but he says he also keeps an open mind and considers suggestions from the musicians. Crust says a lot of leadership lessons can be learned from his job. "It's all about non-verbal communication. You have to have a clear idea of what you're looking for and know how to bring it out in people and  bring them along on this journey with you. But more importantly, you have to create a memorable event at every concert, not just for the audience, but for the musicians themselves."
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights of the November 9th board meeting.
Call to Order           Jeff Fitzgerald
President Fitzgerald called the meeting together at 11:39 AM with the following members present:
Elizabeth Brown-Ellis, Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Lesley Fry, Andy Wannemacher and John Ficorilli.  Also present were Treasurer Dan Best and Secretary Rita Brown.
Secretary’s Report  Rita Brown
Approval of October 12, 2021 Board Minutes
Buettner made a motion to approve the Minutes of the October 12th meeting as submitted.    Farley seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Attendance report for October
The month of October ended with 144 Total Members with 4 Honorary and 140 Active Members – down 2 for the year.  Meeting Attendance for the month was up by 2.47% and up by 5.57% compared to October 2020. 
President’s Report    Jeff Fitzgerald
Civic Center Hall Computer Request from the Lima Rotary Club.
Complaints regarding the quality of the sound at Club Meetings when the Speaker is on Zoom were reviewed.
At this time, Fitzgerald will work with Sammie at the VMCC to see if improvements can be made.
Club Fundraiser – Jail ‘n Bail 12/10/2021 at VMCC North Hall - 12 noon – 4 PM
The upcoming Club Fundraiser – Jail ‘n Bail will be held on Friday December 10 at the VMCC from 12 noon- 4 PM.  Cat Sarno and Judge Richard Warren will manage the event.  Proceeds will go to the Lima Rotary Foundation.  Complete Details of the Plan will be posted on the Club’s website and shared with Club Members at upcoming Club Meetings.  A GET-OUT-OF-Jail card option is available to purchase for $50.  It must be purchased by noon on December 9, 2021.
Fall Blood Clinic held Saturday November 6th at the Senior Citizens Center on West Elm Street
Early reports indicate attendance was between 240 -250.  Those attending received an email from the Hospital by Sunday evening.  Reports could be accessed through the patient’s Lima Memorial eHealth Hospital Patient Portal.
Social Committee Update
The Club held a Social Meeting on October 27th at the home of Tracie Sanchez.  It was a very successful event.  The next Social Meeting will be after January 1, 2022.
MESA working with Mercy Health/Lima Memorial regarding Equipment Donations
Lima Rotarian Dave Frost reached out to the hospitals about working with MESA.  Mercy Health has expressed interest.  Frost and Bob Ruehl will share details with the hospital.  Buettner indicated ProMedica has donated to MESA in the past so Memorial Hospital may be involved through ProMedica. 
Christmas Gifts for Milano’s Wait Staff and VMCC Staff
Farley made a motion to acknowledge the Milano Wait Staff and the VMCC Rotary Support Contact at the Club’s Christmas Party on December 13, 2021.  Brown-Ellis seconded the motion.  Board approved.  
Options for Placemats
Rather than continuing with the cost for Placemats, the Club will order 100 reusable Table Tents that feature the 4-Way Test along with various photos of Lima Rotary Club’s members, projects and events.
Acknowledgement of Dick Riggs 
Long-time Rotarian Dick Riggs passed away on October 30, 2021.  He had been an active Rotarian for 55 years. He served as Club President during 1973 – 1974 and as Club Secretary for many additional years. His dedicated service was acknowledged by the Board of Directors.      
Board Reports       Carol Buettner                     
The Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party will be held on December 4th.        
Currently volunteers are signing up to participate. The Drum Line is not available this year but Super Heroes will attend.  Santa Claus, played by Lima Rotarian Russ Decker, will also be there.
Rotary Christmas Party – December 13, 2021   Andy Farley
Farley indicated planning for the Christmas Party is underway.  This year’s party will include such activities as the Club Auction, The Awarding of Elvis to a Club Member for the upcoming year and the Rotary Club Raffle.  Farley will be sharing details with the Membership.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing Dec 11th 9 - 5 – Joe Watson     Rita Brown
The volunteer roster is nearly filled.  Four Rotaract Students will also be participating.
Treasurer Report    Dan Best
Fitzgerald/Best met with the Rotary Foundation Board on Monday October 25th.
Topics of their discussion included the extraordinary challenges of 2020 – 2021. 
During the year, the Club was able to pay the Foundation $11,000 that had not been paid from a previous years’ charity event.  However, this year could result in a deficit for the Club.  The Club is currently down 20 – 25 members and may need to consider raising dues.  Discussion also followed regarding applying the proceeds of the Ohio State Memorabilia Auction to the Club in order to bridge the gap.  Discussion followed regarding the $1,250 yearly accounting fee the Foundation approved paying to the Rotary Club.  Currently that payment is one year in arrears.  The Foundation Board voted to approve the payment to get them back on schedule.
In the future, the yearly accounting fee will be an agenda item for discussion during the Joint Meeting of the Foundation Board and Rotary Board in the Spring.  The Group also discussed a payment to the Salvation Army by the Rotary Foundation.  A payment of $5,000 will be made at the Club’s Christmas Party on December 13, 2021. 
IRS EZ Form 990 filing 
Filing has been completed and filed ahead of plan.  CPA Tracey Regula completed the Short Form of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990 EZ). 
Monthly Financial Reports
Best reported that the October 2021 month-end net worth increased $8,260 compared to October 2020.  For the current fiscal year to-date, net income decreased by $548 compared to the time period in 2020.  Dues’ income increased by $2,466 but expenses for meal costs and District 6600 dues increased by a total of $7,600.  These increases are due to the increase in member meetings compared to the 2020 pandemic year.  Best also reviewed aged Accounts Receivable and stated nothing extraordinary is evident.  Wannemacher made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Fry seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
New Business:      Jeff Fitzgerald
Diversity Recruitment Initiatives
New Lima Mayor Sharetta Smith has expressed interest in becoming a member of the Lima Rotary Club.
She will be invited to come as a guest.  Fitzgerald will reach out to her.
Resignations          Rita Brown
The following resignations were received:
  • Esther Baldridge
  • Roy Baldridge
Farley made a motion to accept the resignations of Esther & Ray Baldridge with regret.  Buettner seconded the motion.  Board approved.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:58 PM.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club Secretary
Jail -n-Bail
Nothing says Merry Christmas like throwing someone in jail!
The Lima Rotary Club presents a Lima Rotary Foundation fundraiser - Jail-n-Bail on Friday, December 10th from 12:00 to 4:00pm.  The Honorable Judge Richard Warren will be presiding over this kangaroo court!
How it works: Anyone in the Lima community can call one of the 6 arresting officers (the day of the event) or fill out this form and snitch on someone to be arrested anytime prior to the event. Get pledges for your bail (use attached form to submit to Catheryn) and you'll be free of your charges! The cost to have someone arrested is $20. To issue a warrant with their arrest, add $10. 
**Anticipate being jailed for approximately one hour.
NOTE: if you purchase a GET-OUT-OF-JAIL free card for $50 prior to 12/10 you are exempt from all this nonsense. If you turn yourself in and raise the suggested bail amount prior to 12/10, you are released of your charges. Mug shots will be taken for fun to post on social media!
Lima Rotary Club: Attention Catheryn Sarno
PO Box 1111, Lima, OH 45802
All proceeds benefit the Lima Rotary Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.
Monday's meeting of the Lima Rotary Club will not be streamed on Zoom. We will resume streaming on Zoom on Monday, November 22.
Your help is needed to eradicate polio forever.
We want to thank each of you for your continued support of Rotary’s PolioPlus initiative. We are making incredible strides in eradicating this horrible disease, but we need your continued support!  Even a small contribution can help protect many children from this disease.
  • $30 - provides 200 children with this lifesaving vaccine
  • $60 - provides 400 children with this lifesaving vaccine
We are asking every Rotarian to consider donating at least $50 in our efforts to eradicate polio. Every dollar donated will be matched with an additional two dollars by the Gates Foundation.
Visit the link below to donate and don’t forget to share this donation page with others. Together we can eradicate polio and save numerous children from this disease! 
Thank you,
Derek Stemen & Keith Horner, PolioPlus Chairs
Bell Ringing
Your help is needed ringing bells for the Salvation Army.
Saturday Dec 11th is Lima Rotary’s day to “ring the bells” for Salvation Army. We need volunteers at Lima Mall main entrance, Kewpee West, and Walmart Allentown road from 9-11 a.m, 11-1 p.m., 1-3 p.m. and 3-5 p.m.  Joe Watson will have the signup sheet at Monday’s meeting or you can call him at 419-235-1186 to sign up. This is a very worthwhile event and we typically raise around $2,500 for this local charity.
Special Needs
Help give some special children a very merry Christmas this year.
Calling all Rotarians! Christmas is just around the corner, which means our annual Special Needs Christmas Party is quickly approaching. The party this year will be held on December 4th, at Shawnee United Methodist Church, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
This year we are getting back to a more 'normal' agenda, with guest appearances from our super heroes, Mrs. Claus, and most importantly Santa! There will be crafts for the children and an interactive experience with our very own High Octane Drumline. Before departing, each child will receive a book, fruit basket, and present from Santa.
This is the part where you can help! We encourage any or all Rotarians that are willing and available on this date to get involved! You may bring a child to the party, provide a present for a child, or both! This is such a wonderful and rewarding way to give back a little during this holiday season. If interested in participating, in this years party, please contact Sophia Loser or Demi L. Burden to find out how you can help, you will not regret it!
Christmas Auction
We are looking for donations for our Christmas Auction on December 13.
Since we didn’t have a Christmas Party in 2020, let's make 2021 Christmas Party the best. Dig deep and donate! All donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go to the
Lima Rotary Foundation. We are lining up another great Christmas Party on December 13 for you, so please plan to attend! We will be there at 11:30am so you can get your Elvis immunity tickets and bid on silent auction items. More details to follow! We would LOVE to have our honorary members attend! Please let Jennifer Mason know what you would like to donate.
We can schedule pick up if needed. Thank you for your support!
Upcoming Events
Jail & Bail
Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center
Dec 10, 2021
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Bell Ringing
Dec 11, 2021
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Christmas Party and Auction
Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center
Dec 13, 2021
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
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Dec 06, 2021 12:00 PM
Allen County Juvenile Court
Dec 13, 2021 12:00 PM
Dec 20, 2021
Merry Christmas!
Dec 27, 2021
Happy New Year!
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