Please come and join in some food and fellowship, for our April Super Social.
This month, April 22, from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. we are inviting Rotarians to join us in a post Easter celebration! You will have made it through Lent, Easter with family, and should be looking for a fun night to unwind! 
Join us at Alter Ego Comics for a private gathering, fully equipped with games, food and drink offerings. Food and drink made available by Purple Feet Wine Boutique and games by Alter Ego Comics.
 If you have always wanted to join in our Rotary Social fun but haven't made the time now is your chance! We hope to see you there, please RSVP to Demi Burden (419) 230-2269 or
Amphitheater Groundbreaking
Construction has begun on the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater!
We are thrilled to have broken ground for the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater. Dozens of people braved the cold and snow on Monday to join us for the occasion. "It's exciting to see all the momentum in our hometown, Lima, Ohio, and this is just one part of the many parts of the momentum," says committee co-chair Rich Rudolph. Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp added, "It's an expression of something positive, an expression of hope. I want to emphasize how much of these funds are coming from private individuals, organizations and companies that are coming together to make things enjoyable for our whole community." Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman said, "It's the responsibility of all of us to continue to build this great city and this is just the latest iteration of that."
The Lima Rotary Club began planning the park in 2017 as a way to have a transformative impact on downtown Lima. “We are changing the landscape of downtown Lima,” says committee co-chair Tracie Sanchez. “This beautiful downtown space will be a community venue to host public events as well as support the arts, festivals, children and wellness. The Lima Rotary Club believes that creating an exciting experience will build community pride for our city and encourage economic, cultural and social development.”
A project such as this can only be achieved through strong community support. The projected budget of $3.2 million is being funded in a variety of ways: many Rotarians are contributing, as well as local businesses and the City of Lima. The state also believes this is a vital project and has contributed $1.25 million. We ask you to join us as we invest in Lima’s future and make a donation of any size to this project. All contributions are tax deductible and larger donations may be spread over a five-year period. Gifts of at least $1,000 will be recognized with a plaque on the park’s donor wall. Naming rights are also available for larger contributions. You may donate easily and securely online here.
In November 2021, the Lima Rotary Club transferred the land for the park to the City of Lima which will own the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department will maintain the park. Events and reservations will be booked by the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center. Alvada Construction of Findlay will build the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater. It will be constructed in the block of downtown Lima that extends from Spring Street to Elm Street and is bounded by Union Street on the east and the backs of the Main Street buildings on the west. Construction will take approximately one year.
Annual Meeting
Here are the minutes from the Lima Rotary Club's annual meeting on April 18, 2022.
  1. Call to Order at 12:00 noon                                                                                                                         Jeff Fitzgerald
  1.  Lima Rotary Club President’s Report                                                                                                      Jeff Fitzgerald
  1.   Welcome and Opening Remarks from President Jeff Fitzgerald
  1. The purpose of the meeting is to provide updates and reports from both the Lima Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation, as well as discuss and approve resolutions regarding fundraising and projects for the next Rotary Year.  Healthy and productive communication was encouraged during the meeting. Last but not least, the annual meeting allows for transparency, but more importantly, a source of education regarding the Lima Rotary Club and the Lima Rotary Foundation and the operations of each.
  2. Per our laws, a quorum for this annual meeting is defined by 1/3 of our members being present.  For the record, 64 members were present and 46 are required for the quorum.  Discussions and amendments should be made before the motion is fully proposed for adoption. The business of the meeting will be transacted by a voice vote. 
  1. Recognition of the Lima Rotary Board of Directors 2022 -2023 
For the upcoming Rotary Year commencing July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, Fitzgerald recognized the Lima Rotary Club Officers and Board Members. Officers:  President Derek Stemen, President-Elect Lesley Fry and Secretary Rita Brown. Fitzgerald stated that Dan Best will resign as club treasurer effective June 30, 2022. Anyone interested in the position should see Fitzgerald or Stemen.  Board members will include: Elizabeth Brown-Ellis, Keith Horner, Joel Mengerink, Andy Wannemacher, Demi Burden, Jeff Unterbrink, Tim Stanford, and Jeff Fitzgerald as President Ex-Officio.
The three members who fulfilled their terms on the Board effective June 30, 2022 are: Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, and Ex-Officio former President John Ficorilli. Fitzgerald thanked them for all their efforts and continued support of the Lima Rotary Club.
  1. Roberts Rules of Order                                                                                                                                  Russ Decker
Russ Decker presented information regarding the organization of the meeting and the approval process.He stated that motions could come from the floor or be made by the Board of Directors.If a motion is presented by a committee, a second is not necessary. The four resolutions all come from committee and will not need a second. The presenter will read the resolutions and then, after discussion, amendments can be made.
  1. Lima Rotary Foundation President’s and Incoming President’s Reports                                    Demi Burden
    1. $20,000 worth of scholarships have been awarded so far this year. Community grants awarded this year are: $2,000 to D.A.R.E, $2,000 to High Octane Drumline, $2,000 to Soldiers of Honor boxing program, $5,000 to Salvation Army, $1,500 to the Lima Symphony Orchestra, $1,500 to the Lima Symphony’s children’s concert, $865 to the Lima Symphony for Marimor, $2,500 to Allen Lima Youth Leadership Program, $2,000 to Our Daily Bread soup kitchen, $5,000 to M.E.S.A.
  1. Recognition of the Lima Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees                                              Russ Decker
Decker announced the members of the Lima Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees for 2022-2023: President - Russ Decker; President Elect - Jennifer Mason ; Secretary - Scott Cockerell; Treasurer - Jared Walsh; trustees are Abe Ambroza, Corey Frazer, Katy Jo Page, Mike Powell, Chris Hardesty, Craig Kupferberg, Berlin Carroll and Demi Burden as Ex-Officio Member. Decker thanked Adah Ellerbrock and Adam Stolly for their service to the Lima Rotary Foundation Board as their term ends June 30, 2022.
  1. Dan Best, Treasurer of the Lima Rotary Club, presents the Treasurer’s Report                      
Best shared information from the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison. The cash position is down compared to 2021, largely because in 2021 the club didn’t meet for a while because of the pandemic and District 6600 did not charge the club dues during that time. The club’s total income through March 31, 2022 is $67,867.10. Total expenses are $73,793.05. Net income is ($5,925.95). Best stated that the club will need to find ways to raise more money, either with fundraisers or by exploring the dues structure.
Fitzgerald called for motion to approve the Club Treasurer’s report. Sam Bassitt made a motion for approval. Susan Hubbell seconded the motion. There was no discussion. Membership voted to approve the resolution unanimously.
  1. Jared Walsh, Treasurer of the Lima Rotary Foundation, presented the Foundation’s financial report Walsh shared the Statement of Fund Balances, Receipts and Disbursements Quarterly Report for the first 6 months of the fiscal year ending as of 12/31/2021. The activity for the first half of the year is covered in seven buckets. The Amphitheater bucket contains $761, 512.44. The Buenos Noches Fund contains $1,306.64. The Endowment Fund contains $501,172.39. The General Fund totals $70,337.04. The High Octane Drumline Fund totals $612.25. The Hulsken Fund contains $62,998.10. The Scholarship Fund contains $109,602.44.
Fitzgerald called for motion to approve the Foundation Treasurer’s report. Michael Ayers made a motion for approval. Butch Kirk seconded the motion. There was no discussion. Membership voted to approve the resolution unanimously.
  1. In the absence of President-Elect Derek Stemen, Fitzgerald read a brief statement from Stemen saying that he will focus his presidency on fellowship and service. Fitzgerald then provided a brief overview of the fundraising done by the Lima Rotary Club and its distribution to the Lima Rotary Foundation and said that fundraising has decreased in recent years, so we have less to spend on our regular projects. The Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation meet at least semi-annually to review projects and activities and confer on funding matters. Four resolutions were presented.
The Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation recommend the following:                     
Resolution #1 - 2022-2023 Lima Rotary Fundraising Projects, Goals and Purpose                       Jeff Fitzgerald
These are the proposed fundraising projects and the amounts anticipated:
  1. Rotary Blood Clinics (Spring/Fall)                                 $15,000                 Unrestricted
  2. Jay Begg Reverse Raffle                                                 $10,000                 Unrestricted
  3. Rotary Christmas Raffle & Auction                                $  4,000                 Unrestricted
  4. Rotary Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing                        $35,000                Post-Secondary Scholarships
  5. Rotary Rottery 50/50 Fundraiser                                     $  1,000                 Designated Charity         
  6. Rotary International Polio Plus Campaign                      $  5,000                 RI Polio Plus Fund
  7. Rotary Members’ Dues for Foundation                           $  7,500                 Unrestricted
TOTAL estimated net proceeds                                                          $77,500
Following Roberts Rules from Russ Decker
The resolution was proposed to the Board and Lima Rotary Foundation by a committee so no motion for approval is needed.  During discussion Dave Rodabaugh and Susan Hubbell stated that in the future they would like hard copies of the resolutions distributed to the membership prior to the meeting. Fitzgerald said that would be done.
Decker called for a vote. Membership voted to approve the resolution unanimously.
Resolution #2 – 2022-2023 Lima Rotary Club Projects, Goals and Funding Source
(Based on funds raised above) These are the proposed distribution of the funds raised in #1 above: 
  1. Rotary Post-Secondary Scholarships                                $35,000                 Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing
  2. Rotary Rottery 50/50 Fundraiser                                       $  1,000                 Rotary Rottery 50/50
  3. Rotary International Polio Plus Fund                                $  5,000                 RI Polio Plus Campaign
  4. Lima Rotary Club Dictionary Distribution                        $  3,000                 LRC Fundraising
  5. Unrestricted Funds for the Foundation                           $33,500                 LRC Fundraising
TOTAL estimated distribution                                                             $77,500
Resolution #2 was proposed to the Board and Lima Rotary Foundation by a committee so no motion for approval is needed.  Decker called for a vote. Membership voted to approve the resolution unanimously.
Resolution #3 – 2022-2023 Lima Rotary Club Partnership Projects
These are the projects the club deems important.  The Lima Rotary Club recommends that they receive consideration by the Lima Rotary Foundation by way of a traditional grant application process.  Amounts to be determined by organizational needs and the LRF.
  1. Lima Symphony Orchestra
  2. Salvation Army
  3. High Octane Drumline
  4. ALL Youth Leadership
  5. MESA Contribution
Resolution #3 was proposed to the Board and Lima Rotary Foundation by a committee so no motion for approval is needed.  Decker called for a vote. Membership voted to approve the resolution unanimously.
Resolution #4 – 2021-2022 Rotary Club Community Service Activities
These are club service projects that benefit other organizations.
  1. Salvation Army Kettle Drive                                         $    0.00
  2. Lima Rotary Little Free Library                                    $    0.00
  3. Red Cross Blood Drive                                                    $    0.00
  4. Movies in The Park                                                          $    0.00
  5. Children’s Books to the Lima Public Library           $    0.00
  6. Rotary 4 Way Speech & Essay Contest                     $   600.00 – original amount; $1,200 - amended amount
Resolution #4 was proposed to the Board and Lima Rotary Foundation by a committee so no motion for approval is needed. During discussion, Richard Warren stated that the winners of the 4-Way Test Speech and Essay Contests did such an outstanding job that they deserve larger cash prizes. Jennifer Mason amended the motion to award a total $1,200 in cash prizes to the winners of the contests. Elizabeth Brown-Ellis seconded the amended motion. Decker called for a vote. Membership voted to approve the amended resolution unanimously.
Fitzgerald thanked everyone for attending the Lima Rotary Club’s annual meeting. David Rodabaugh motioned to adjourn the meeting, David Runk seconded the motion. Membership unanimously approved the motion.
Fitzgerald adjourned the meeting at 12:50pm.
Reverse Raffle
Get your tickets now for the Jay Begg Reverse Raffle.
The Lima Rotary Club's Jay Begg Reverse Raffle takes place on June 2 at the Allen County Fairgrounds. It's a fun night with games, dinner, silent auction, great fellowship, and your chance to win part of the $10,000 in cash prizes that will be handed out. It's also a big fundraiser for the Lima Rotary Club so we encourage you to buy a ticket even if you can't attend. Tickets are just $100 and are available from Katy or Cat.
Golf Outing
Join us for the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing on August 17 and support our scholarship fund.
Please join us for a fun day of golf, games, and Rotarian camaraderie. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the annual Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing. It will be held on Wednesday, August 17th at Hidden Creek Golf Course with a rain date of Wednesday, August 24th
Last year we had 29 teams competing and raised $39,910, all of which went to benefit the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund selects persons who live or work in Allen County who are in pursuit of a degree or certification and will attend a school or college in Allen County. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage Allen County employees and residents to work and plan for their futures within our county. As of April 2022, the Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund has helped 1,125 adults to continue their education and to pursue their dream. These scholarships total over $852,250. Degrees or certifications can be achieved at the Apollo Career Center (Adult Education), Bluffton University, Rhodes State College, The Ohio State University at Lima and the University of Northwestern Ohio. All residents who live in and employees who work in Allen County are eligible.       
District Assembly
You are invited to attend the District Assembly as we prepare to kick off a new Rotary year.
The District Assembly will be held on Saturday, April 30th from 9 am - noon. 

WHO:  Club President-Elects, Club Presidents, Club Secretaries, Club Treasurers, Club Membership, Public Image, Foundation Chairs, plus future leaders in your club and any engaged Rotarian. (We especially would like all Rotarians in a leadership role to attend but would encourage anyone interested in learning more!)

COST:  Free!

WHERE: Maumee High School; 1147 Saco St.; Maumee, OH  43537

REGISTER NOW:  Sign up for the day by Registering NOW for the District Assembly

Yours in Rotary Service,

Diana Savage
District 6600 Governor Elect
Rotary International
Paul Harris
Celebrate Paul Harris with Rotary.
On 19 April we celebrated the anniversary of Rotary founder Paul Harris’ birth. Paul Harris was born in 1868 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, and thanks to his vision, today Rotary members around the world are uniting to take action and create lasting change. There are many ways to celebrate, including by reading about Harris’ life.

How will you mark the occasion? Write to and you could be featured in the next issue of the Paul Harris Society Resource. You can subscribe to this quarterly newsletter to get updates on the society, including the latest on membership and on what motivates our contributors, and to learn what’s new at the Foundation.

Thank you for being a member of the Paul Harris Society. Leaders like you help Paul Harris’ legacy of community service and better friendships to thrive. 

The Rotary Foundation
At the time of this correspondence, 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees are fleeing war and are in need of immediate assistance. 
Recently, someone has come forward within our Rotary District and offered to match our donations up to $50,000 for the Disaster Response Fund. All contributions need to be made to the Rotary Disaster Response fund by April 30, 2022, so that these donations are prioritized for the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis. If we raise more than $50,000 between March 6 and April 30, I will suggest we make a contribution to ShelterBox

The generosity of District 6600 Rotarians has always exceeded expectations. I know our hearts are breaking for the people of Ukraine. I do not wish to put any stress on you personally, just do what you can, whatever you can, in service to others.  I am thankful for each of you.

To donate online at -

Your club's President-Elect and Assistant Governor heard more about this Ukraine donation initiative at their training this past Saturday. Jim Murray, from the Huron Rotary Club, has volunteered to help us coordinate donations from club's foundations and answer questions regarding individual donations. Jim can be reached at 415-640-0027, or via email at

Thank you,

Mary L. AufdenKampe 
District Governor 2021-202
End Malaria
Rotary members and partners fight to end malaria.
World Malaria Day, 25 April 2022, will be observed under the theme "Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives." Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease, spread by infected mosquitos, that continues to have a devastating impact on the health of communities, all over the world.
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of deaths due to communicable diseases was showing a decline globally, but diseases such as malaria remained and still remain a challenge, primarily in low- and middle-income countries. While some countries have eliminated malaria or made significant advances to reduce the number of cases, progress has plateaued in other regions of the world. According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2020, there were an estimated 241 million new cases of malaria and 627,000 malaria-related deaths in 85 countries. More than two thirds of deaths were among children under the age of 5 living in the WHO African Region.
At Rotary, members are connecting with their local health authorities, community leaders and partners to develop projects that combine forces to address malaria under both Disease Prevention and Treatment and Maternal and Child Health.
The way we address malaria may vary from community to community and is largely based on the level of transmission within that particular community, country, or region. However, some evidence-based strategies that Rotary members use to develop projects include:
  • Supporting programs that improve case management by increasing access to diagnosis and treatment
  • Providing insecticide-treated nets
  • Supporting programs that provide intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnant women
  • Supporting programs that provide intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in infancy
  • Supporting vector control interventions such as indoor residual spraying and larval control
  • Strengthening surveillance systems that support malaria detection, control, and elimination
We use local guidelines to determine what the appropriate interventions are for a particular community. It’s also important to include ways to build capacity for health care providers, and involve community health workers who have a unique ability to reach communities and provide access to health care.
Within the Rotary community, the Rotarians Against Malaria Rotary Action Group and Rotary member-founded Malaria Partners International are focused on eliminating malaria by raising awareness and funds, and implementing projects that are proven to reduce malaria. The first Rotary member-led program to receive The Rotary Foundation’s $2 million Programs of Scale grant is Partners for Malaria-Free Zambia. This program team is currently implementing a three-year program to recruit, train, and support 2,500 new community health workers to test for, treat, and prevent malaria among more than 1.2 million Zambians, mostly in hard-to-reach areas.
Rotary members around the world are working with partners to combat malaria in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America and elsewhere with a high burden of malaria. This World Malaria Day, we applaud their work and invite others to join them in the fight against malaria.
Action Groups
Rediscover Rotary Action Groups.
Rotary Action Groups are undiscovered gems in the Rotary family. Many of our members have heard of them, but few are fully aware of their purpose, scope, and the opportunities they offer.   
Rotary Action Groups are international, RI-recognized groups whose members have expertise and experience in a particular area of specialization. They use their knowledge, passion, and global network to help clubs and districts plan and implement impactful service projects. By bringing expertise, partners, funding resources, and best practices to projects, they help clubs scale up smaller projects to larger, higher impact, more sustainable regional and international initiatives. 
During the 2020-21 Rotary year alone, Rotary’s 27 Action Groups collectively supported 2,445 projects. They raised $960,682 in total, which was used solely for supporting club and district projects. Nine Action Groups participated in the first Programs of Scale grant by partnering, reviewing, or providing feedback on proposals. Among the five finalist projects, three of them were supported by Action Groups, of which one became the awardee and the other an honorable mention. 
Action Groups are an effective way to expand your global network and gain leadership experience. There are over 34,000 Action Group members representing more than 150 countries around the world. On average, each Action Group has members from 45 countries. Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Peace Fellows are eligible to serve in leadership roles, and last year, 294 members of the Rotary family held international leadership through an Action Group. Plus, Action Groups have a high number of women serving in leadership roles: one in three Action Groups is chaired by a woman. Action Groups offer a unique opportunity to introduce and engage non-members: nearly 5,000 of Action Group members are not Rotarians or Rotaractors.
Action Groups also offer our members opportunities and platforms to make personal and professional connections locally and globally. They connect through virtual meetings throughout the year and host webinars where participants discuss important humanitarian issues and learn methods to tackle them in a sustainable way. They get together with their members during the Rotary International Convention, host meetings and social gatherings, and showcase their offerings in the House of Friendship.
Learn more about the activities of Action Groups in the Rotary Action Groups annual report.
If you are going to the Houston Convention, take some time to rediscover Action Groups in person! Visit the Action Group booths and attend RAGTime, a social gathering hosted by all Rotary Action Groups, on Thursday, 2 June from 18:00-21:00 at the Houston Downtown Aquarium. RAGTime is open to anyone who wants to network with Action Group leaders, share their project experiences, and explore opportunities for service and engagement. Register in advance here.
Tap into the subject-matter expertise and network of Action Groups as you plan your service projects, or  join an Action Group(s) by lending your skills and expertise to a group of your interest. View a list of 27 Action Groups with direct links to their websites at
Upcoming Events
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Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center
May 23, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Jay Begg Reverse Raffle
Allen County Fairgrounds
Jun 02, 2022
5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
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May 23, 2022 12:00 PM
Lima Police Department
May 30, 2022
Happy Memorial Day!
Jun 06, 2022 12:00 PM
Columbus Zoo
Jun 13, 2022 12:00 PM
Jun 20, 2022
Happy Juneteenth!
Jun 27, 2022 12:00 PM
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