Foundation Purpose

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The board members of the Lima Rotary Foundation are:
Jennifer Mason - President
Berlin Carroll - President-Elect
Jared Walsh, Treasurer
Sue Fifer - Secretary
Russ Decker - Immediate Past President Ex Officio
Abe Ambroza
Cory Frazer
Chris Hardesty
Craig Kupferberg
Todd Benz
Troy Elwer
John Payne
The purpose of the Lima Rotary Foundation is to accept and accumulate funds and to distribute them exclusively for the following:
  1. For educational, charitable, scientific or benevolent purposes.
  2. To tax exempt charitable organizations
  3. To provide scholarships to qualified high school seniors.
  4. To promote the general well being of men, women and children, with particular emphasis on the needs of persons with mental, physical or economic disabilities, regardless of age, race, color or creed.

The General Fund receives income from various sources including $50 per year from each Rotarian, special gifts, mutual fund income, Christmas auction, Reverse Raffle and other fundraisers. The Board of Trustees is responsible for distributing funds and investigating requests to insure that they fall with in the established guidelines.

The Lima Rotary Scholarship Fund is not distributed by the Foundation, but rather a scholarship committee made up from members of the club. The Foundation Board consists of nine members who are voted for by the membership via a mail ballot. Each member serves a term of three years.

Additionally, the immediate Past President of the Rotary Club is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. The Board also has a Secretary and Treasurer that may or may not be Trustees.

The responsibility for disbursing rests with the Board of Trustees who are charged with the investigation of requests for funds and seeing that approved payments are within the established guide-lines.