Posted by Theresa Schnipke on Aug 23, 2021
Your help is needed for the All Ability Playground.
Volunteers are needed to help build the All Ability Playground at Marimor Legacy Park. This new park is located on SR 81, east of Marimor School and connected to the Ottawa Metro Park by new trails. Come out and see what has been completed so is amazing! Whether you can help for half a day, one full day or even more, we need to secure 20-30 volunteers per day to finish this amazing playground...with the same community that helped us raise the funds to build it! 
Here are the slots we need to fill:
Wednesday September 8th     7:30 am until dusk.     Need 30 people!         Have 10.
Thursday September 9th         7:30 am to dusk          Need 40 people!         Have 21; Nutrien helping this day and might have more; added 5 so far.
Friday September 10th            7:30 am to dusk.         Need 40 people!         Have 5; but United Way Day of Caring assisting with others.
Saturday September 11th        7:30-  ?                        We have the 10 for this as only one play equipment person can be here.
Monday is a big ??? and if we knock it out in the above should not need it.
Can you help with more people? More days? Can you spread this out again to where you did so they can see the new/date and times? I got several of calls from how you all spread the news on this project. We want the kids to have this playground as school is underway and we know we can do it. We appreciate you very much!!  
We are told there are jobs for all that come, however, a person does need to be 18 or older. The play equipment vendor is on site for each step of the construction so we are not alone. A Community Build was just finished in Sandusky County in 2 ½ days and they report it was amazing.  
If you can help or have any questions, please contact Theresa Schnipke 419-236-9292 or . Lunch and water will be provided during the community build.