Posted by Rita Brown on Sep 15, 2017
Here are the highlights from the September 12th board meeting.
Call to Order                                                       Tracie Sanchez
President Tracie Sanchez called the meeting to order at 11:37 AM with the following members present:  Jill Ackerman, Paul Crow, Ken Dysert, Dave Frost, Jed Metzger, and Catheryn Sarno.  Also present were Ex Officio members Anne Decker and David Runk and Secretary Rita Brown
Secretary’s ReportRita Brown
Attendance Report
Brown shared the attendance report for August 2017.  The membership grew last month with five new members and one resignation. Currently we have 171 members.  Attendance for the month was 43.89%. 
President’s ReportTracie Sanchez
Plant a tree - Presidential Citation
The tree planting event is being planned.Rotarian George Diller and Rick Stolly from the City Parks are working on the project together.The Lima Club will be eligible to participate in a 50% rebate program sponsored by the Allen Water and Soil District.Brass plaques with Lima Rotary Club will be placed on the trees.
Homeless/Opiate Addiction
The Homeless/Opiate Addiction problem in the Lima Community will be a focus for the Lima Rotary Club this fall.  Mike Schoenhofer recently did a presentation on the opiate addiction problem and Jackie Fox will address the homeless problem.  Rotary’s role will be to do an educational piece.  Addressing the opiate problem in the community will begin in October with the rollout of the “Let’s Talk” program.  Rotary will be a part of the blitz.  Also in October, the homelessness issue will be addressed through a website with literature available at one site for information. 
Abilities Baseball Field
The ribbon cutting for the Field will take place on Thursday October 12th followed by a donor appreciation reception.Time for the activities is still to be determined.Dr Jeff Jarvis, Esther Baldridge and Rachel Staley will each speak.All activities will be held at the Diamond.Because of the time of year, no games will be played on the field this fall.An event will be held again in the Spring to bring everyone out to the Field.
Youth Exchange Program
Sanchez asked if the Board felt the Club Members would be interested in participating in a Youth Exchange Program during 2017-2018.If there is interest, the club needs to return the request form by the end of September 2017.The student would be with us from the end of August 2018 until May 2019.
Board Member Reports
Riverwalk signage updates Anne Decker
Decker has an estimate from a local sign company to replace the existing Rotary metal signs along the Riverwalk.The existing signs have rusted and are bent.The cost for the signs is estimated to be $181 for a set or $364 for two sets.That costs does not include installation.Each new sign would include the Rotary Wheel on them.Swartz is also speaking with Mike Powell at Sign Pro for an estimate.The signs will be placed at Heritage Park along Shawnee Road, along the Riverwalk across from the Refinery and at the Ottawa Metro Park.Metzger made a motion to order three sets of signs to be placed along the Riverwalk at a cost not to exceed $500. Ackerman seconded the motion.Board approved.
Youth essay / speech contest / Dictionary Dist. Jill Ackerman
Ackerman will be meeting in October with the Allen County Superintendents.  Ackerman is hopeful that all the schools will be represented this year. 
Ackerman stated Dave Cockerell will again be in charge of the Dictionary Distribution and is getting the distribution set up.
International fundraiser Ken Dysert
Dysert is working with Harold Bischoff regarding a Fund Raiser for the International Service group targeted to replenish the Buenos Noches Fund.  It has been four – five years since a fund raiser dedicated to International Service has been held.  In the past, the committee had a stationary cycling challenge program at the Lima Mall.  Fund raising ideas that were mentioned included a Flag Installation in Faurot Park for Memorial Day or July 4th in Remembrance of a Veteran.  Another idea for around Christmas would be the sale of luminaries with candles in bags.  The luminaries would line driveways.  Bischoff could also solicit donations outside of the Rotary Club members as a way to raise the level of awareness outside of the Club.   Runk suggested fund raising ideas can be found on Rotary International also.  The Board will continue to work with Bishoff on the project. 
Books, Blues & Brews; Husky plant tour; Ghost TourCat Sarno
The United Way’s Books, Blues and Brews will be held on October 11th from 6 - 9 PM at The Met.The Rotary Club paid $400 to cover the cost of the bands.The charge was paid from the Social Club.They are still looking for sponsors.It is necessary to donate a book at the door for entry.The Met is doing signature cocktails for the event.
A tour of the Husky Lima Refinery will be available on Tuesday October 24th.  The event will run from 4 PM – 5:30 PM and it will count at a makeup meeting.  To-date twenty-two or twenty-three members have signed up.  Heather Rutz is planning the event. Buses will take the Rotarians to the site.  Light refreshments will be served. 
April is National Autism Month.The Lima Center for Autism Awareness has reached out to the Mayor to raise the Autism Awareness Flag and to do a proclamation on April 2nd to the Rotary Club.The speaker for the Club Meeting that day will be Tyler Burkland, The Center for Autism & Dyslexia.
The Ghost Tour in Downtown Lima will be on Saturday October 14th.Transportation will be provided on the trolley with twenty-five being able to sit and with five standing.Tickets are still available.
District Grant – Amphitheater Updates- Rotaract/InteractDavid Runk
The District grant as originally submitted was rejected.  The request needs to be broken down into two programs – the Opiate Addiction Request and the Homeless Request.  Sanchez and Runk are working on it and hope to have it redone by the end of the week or early next week.
The committee is continuing to meet on the proposed building of an amphitheater.Meetings have been held with the VMCCC, Rhodes State College and the Downtown Lima Association to determine the best location for the amphitheater.
The Rotaract Club at UNOH is holding a campus wide recruiting event today.The goal is to have all the clubs on campus be supportive of each other.
The Interact Club at Bath High School held a “Yes Fest” where they brought together internal school clubs to encourage kids to get involved in their community.Almost one hundred students are interested in joining the Interact Club.The Bath Interact will be receiving the Lima Allen County Safe Community Award for Youth Safety in recognition of the work they have done in the area of seatbelt use, distracted driving and impaired driving.
Past President's ReportDave Frost
Frost stated that five of the Little Free Libraries have been installed with one recently being placed at the Salvation Army.  All plaques are on them and they have been registered.  There are five more to place.  One will be located in the Park in the Country Club Hills/Twin Lakes area.  Frost has been looking at options to winterize or cover the Little Free Libraries.  Rich Rudolph donated 1,000 books to the Libraries.  Frost, in turn, donated 500 of them to United Way.
Membership month plans
New member engagement was kicked off in September.  Cards are now available at the Sergeant at Arms Table for guests to complete stating their level of interest in joining the Lima Rotary Club.  Also members are being asked to submit names of potential candidates.  Follow-up with them will be on-going.
            New Business                                                                 Rita Brown
  1. Jon Rockhold
  2. Matt Macklin
Ackerman made a motion to accept the resignations with regret and Crow seconded the motion. Board approved. 
  1. David Brown,
  2. Russ Thomas,
  3. Allison Van Gorder
  4. Julie Bassitt
Metzger made a motion to approve the applications as submitted.  Dysert seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Orientation is scheduled for Thursday October 5, 2017.
There being no further businesses, a motion was made by Crow to adjourn at 1:02 PM.The motion was seconded by Frost.Board approved.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Secretary