Posted by Rita Brown on Nov 15, 2019
Here are the highlights from the November 12 board meeting.
Call to Order                                                                                                      Ken Dysert
Dysert called the meeting to order at 11: 43 AM with the following members present:  Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, John Ficorilli, Jeff Fitzgerald, Jed Metzger, Cat Sarno, Theresa Schnipke, Paul Swartz and Anne Decker.  Also Secretary Rita Brown was present.
Attendance report
Brown shared the attendance report for October 2019.  The month ended with 160 active members and four honorary members.  One new member joined the club with two members resigning.  Also one long-term member passed away.  There were four meetings with average attendance of 37.90% attendance
President's Report                                                                                              Ken Dysert
World polio Day October 24 Recap 
Club Members participation was very positive.  Forty-eight members contributed a total of $2,625.  With the 2:1 match from the Gates Foundation, $7, 875 will be contributed from the Lima Rotary Club for World Polio Day.  Pledges can still be made.
Fall Blood Clinic
The Clinic was held November 2, 2019.  Attendance was up from 450 to 551.  The amount of proceeds is not yet available.  Conversation will continue on ways to make the event even stronger.
Media lunches at Monday Rotary meetings. 
A table will be marked as Reserved for Media at the regular Club Meetings.  They will be invited to eat lunch.  Information will be included in the weekly news release.
The July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019, Tax Return in process. 
Club Member and CPA Tracey Regula is working with Club Treasurer Dan Best on the return.   An extension of time request to complete the return has been filed.
Personal Hygiene Drive for West Ohio Food Bank
Dysert will discuss the drive with Club Member Linda Hamilton and CEO of the Food Bank.   Members will be asked to donate personal hygiene items starting the last Monday of November.
Club Member Pictures for the Club Database - Club Runner
As many members’ pictures are not in Club Runner, Michael Ayers has been asked to again take pictures for new Members and also for those who want an updated picture for Club Runner.
Board Reports                                                                           
Special Needs Christmas Party Dec. 14th                                                             Ken Dysert
Members are still signing up to participate.         
Salvation Army Bell Ringing- Date Shooting for Dec 14th                                     Ken Dysert/ Andy Farley
Member Joe Watson is leading the event and is still looking for a few more volunteers.    
Social Committee- updates                                                                                 John Ficorilli
Sophia Looser and Demi Burden have joined the Committee.  They are discussing the possibility of having a Sunday brunch with a Rotarian Business sponsoring the event or a portion of the event.  
Christmas party update                                                                                      Cat Sarno
Sarno stated the Wine Auction activities are underway.  Sarno will work with Dan Bucher and a designated committee on the event
District Conference- info obtained from conference                                              John Ficorilli
Ficorilli has joined the District Membership Club.  Recently he attended a meeting of the 3 Districts from Northern Ohio that was held in Kent, OH.  He shared the following key takeaways:
  • The Club needs to develop a Written Membership Plan that could include options like Flex Memberships and Alternate Meeting Times.
  • The Membership Committee needs to look at the Dues Structure.
  • Members could be asked to participate in the Health Check Questions available through RI. 
Ficorilli’s minutes from the Conference will be distributed to the Board Members.
Treasurer Report                                                                                               Ken Dysert  
Treasurer, Dan Best was absent, Dysert discussed the Reports he had submitted.     Best informed Dysert that he has not been able to locate the Rotary Club of Lima OH as ever being filed as a company with the Secretary of the State of OH.  The Company selected to process our Credit Cards won’t accept us as a client until we are filed as a company.  Best is working with Don Witter to complete the filing with the State.  Decker suggested another option is for the Club to use Square to process credit cards.  The application can be completed on-line.
Dysert reviewed the current Income and Balance Sheet and the one for the same time period one year ago.  Current Assets at the end of October 2018 totaled $50,958.44.  Current Assets at the end of October 2019 total $44,699.45 with the difference being primarily in the Checking Account Balance.
Members with Accounts with balances over 90 days on The Aging Summary are being actively contacted. 
Payment plans have been established and payments are being made.   The Aging Summary also indicates monies pledged for the Amphitheater.   Fitzgerald made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Swartz seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
New Business:                                                                                                Rita Brown
  • Resignations  - Tony DePalma
Fitzgerald made a motion to accept DePalma’s resignation with regret.  Sarno seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
  • Applications:  - Shanna Barns. Executive Director, Springview Manor
Russ Decker, Special Projects Manager, Nutrien
Sarno made a motion to approve the membership applications of Barns and Decker.  Swartz seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation in Memorial Park.                             Cat Sarno
Memorial Park Cemetery has provided two acres to the Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation for the construction of the Allen County War Memorial.  The Board agreed to look further into the project and consider becoming a supporter of the Project.                       
There being no further business, Dysert adjourned the meeting at 12:53 PM.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club secretary