Posted by Rita Brown
Here are the highlights of the September 8 board meeting.
Call to Order John Ficorilli
President Ficorilli called the meeting together at 11:38 AM with the following members present: Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Jeff Fitzgerald, Keith Horner, Theresa Schnipke, Derek Stemen, Ken Dysert and Anne Decker. Peggy Ehora attended via telephone. Also Treasurer Dan Best and Secretary Rita Brown attended.

Secretary’s Report Rita Brown

Attendance report
The month ended with 153 total members – 149 Active and Active Corporate and 4 Honorary Members. There were no new members and one resignation. Attendance averaged 34.77%.

President's Report John Ficorilli
Social Meetings
The first social meeting was positive with worthwhile discussion. The next Social Meeting will be Thursday September 24th at The Old Barn Restaurant and Grill.
District Governor Keith Hodkinson’s visit
District Governor Hodkinson will visit the Lima Club on Monday October 26, 2020.
World Polio Day – Lima Rotary Club Meeting - October 19, 2020
International World Polio Day will be celebrated on Saturday October 24th. With the District Governor‘s visit on October 26th, the Lima Rotary Club will recognize World Polio Day on Monday October 19th. Educational information regarding the Day will be shared with the members and a flyer highlighting different giving options will be available. Pledge Cards will also be available for the members.

Board Member Committee Assignments
Ficorilli stated the Program Committee was the one he focused on primarily at the beginning of the year. The year is going very well as Beth Seibert is running with it. Fund raising will be the next big push.

Treasurer’s Report Dan Best
Best stated expenses are down from last year. With the District not charging the club for dues for the first 6 months of this fiscal year and with lower meeting attendance, expenses are down. The Club has saved $10,000 year-to-date.
Best also reviewed the A/R Aging Summary. He continues to work with the members in arrears and reported contact has been made with each of them.
Credit card payments were successfully taken at the Golf Outing.
Tracey Regula is currently working on the Form 990, Return for Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, for the Club.
Horner made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report as submitted. Ficorilli seconded the motion. Board approved.

New Business Rita Brown
a) Amy Craft, Allen County Museum Director
b) Aimee Bucher, CEO, Harrison Latham
Applications for Membership were received from Amy Craft and Aimee Bucher. Schnipke made a motion to approve the applications and Dysert seconded the motion. Board approved. They will be invited to attend Club Meetings as Guests of the Club until their orientation is held.

District Grant Webinar John Ficorilli
Club Member Dick Schroeder participated in the District Webinar that focused on District Grants and COVID-19 initiatives. He reported the following detail. RI and District 6600 are asking clubs to creatively address COVID-19 issues on the local level. Grants will require $2,000 local funds to be matched with $1,000 by District 6600 - minimum $3,000 project. A total of $63,000 will be available. Deadline for applying will be 9/30/2020. Projects should not begin before January 2021 to allow for the approval process.
Schroeder requested a quick turnaround process as there is a lot to complete by the end of the month for the club to be eligible.
There being no further business, Ficorilli adjourned the meeting by 12:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club Secretary