Posted by Rita Brown on Aug 13, 2021
Here are the highlights from the August 10th board meeting.
Call to Order                      Jeff Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald called the meeting to order at 11:35 AM with the following members present:  Elizabeth Brown-Ellis, Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Lesley Fry, Keith Horner, Joel Mengerink, Derek Stemen, Andy Wannemacher and John Ficorilli, Ex Officio.  Also present were Treasurer Dan Best, Secretary Rita Brown and Anne Decker.
Secretary’s Report           Rita Brown
Attendance report for July
The month of July ended with 147 total members including 143 Active and 4 Honorary Members.  One member rejoined the club.  There were no resignations.   Attendance for the month was 40.65%. 
President's Report            Jeff Fitzgerald
August – Celebrate RI Membership Month 
August is RI Membership Month.  The Membership Committee will work with the Social Committee to broaden our reach into the community.  Members will be asked to bring a guest who may have interest in joining the club. 
Corporate Membership Review
Fitzgerald shared our current Corporate Membership Policy.  The plan was put into effect in 2018 by President Swartz with the intent of growing memberships.  Currently the Club has 14 Corporate Plans with a total of 28 members.  Each Corporate Membership has a Primary Member and up to 4 Associate Members. 
Jerry Lucas/Club Fundraiser
Fitzgerald shared details of a Fundraising opportunity he has learned about from former Lima Rotarian and current President of the Mansfield Rotary Club, Cyndi Wood.  Former Ohio State Player and Professional Basketball Player Jerry Lucas is offering the Club the opportunity to auction a special memorabilia presentation of the most celebrated basketball player, football player and golfer in the history of OSU Sports - Jerry Lucas, Archie Griffin and Jack Nicklaus.  The Club would be required to sell 250 tickets at $20 each.  The total of $5,000 will be split between Lucas and the Club. 
Stemen made a motion to do the Fundraiser.  Brown-Ellis seconded the motion.  Board approved.  Fitzgerald will speak with Lucas to let him know the Lima Club will participate. 
Christmas Auction/Club Fundraiser 
The Lima Rotary Club Members’ Christmas Party will be held of Monday December 13, 2021.  Cat Sarno and Rob Nelson will do the Wine Auction.  Dan Bucher has agreed to manage the sale of Raffle Tickets if the Club is able to secure the high valued type of items for the Raffle.  Fitzgerald is in the process of organizing the leadership to manage the silent and live auction items.  
District Governor Mary Aufdenkampe’s visit
District Governor, Mary Aufdenkampe will visit the Club on Monday August 30th.  She will meet with the Rotary Board and the Rotary Foundation Board at 11 AM and with the full club membership at noon.
Board Reports                                                 
Golf Outing Update         Andy Wannemacher
Wannemacher stated the Golf Outing proceeds for this year are $39,910.
Legacy Arts Festival recap             John Ficorilli
Ficorilli stated the Lima Rotary Tent is really easy to assemble and worked well for the event.  He spent $77 on ice and water and received $19 in donations.  Three people expressed interest and took Rotary Brochures. 
Committee Chairs and Members Involvement     Rita Brown
Nearly all the Club’s Committee Chairs have been filled for 2021 – 2022.  Theresa Schnipke will chair the Special Needs Children’s Party.  Heather Rutz will chair the Rotary 4-Way Essay Contest.  Jill Ackerman will chair the Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest.  A chair for the Riverwalk Committee has not been secured at this time.  
West OH Food Bank request       Derek Stemen
Stemen indicated the West OH Food Bank has requested assistance from the Rotary Club as they are low on
Personal Hygiene Products.  They will place a barrel in our meeting room that can be used for donations.   Stemen will make an announcement to the club.  The Drive will be in place until September 20, 2021.
Treasurer Report              Dan Best
Best announced that for the current fiscal year to-date (July) 2021, the Club had an increase in net worth of $4,812 compared to July 2020. Income increased just over $3,000 compared to last July. Expenses also increased by over $7,200 compared to the same time period last year.  The increase was due to current increased meal costs and District Dues vs the pandemic related suspension of in-person meetings last year. Best also reviewed aged Accounts Receivable and the Projected Budget for the current fiscal year.  The Board discussed several possible measures to increase income.
Farley made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report as submitted.  Buettner seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
New Business:                  Jeff Fitzgerald
Purchase Limit for the Club President/Secretary without Board Approval
The Club has never had a policy or agreement in place indicating a Purchase Limit for the Club President/Secretary to follow without Board Approval.    After discussion, Wannemacher made a motion to set the limit on the Purchase of Miscellaneous Items at $500 before Board Approval is required.  Fry seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Membership                      Rita Brown
  • Tim Windau – SVP Premier Bank
  • Jim Kanable – Superintendent of Shawnee Local Schools
  • Sydni Winkler – Boy Scouts District Executive
The Board reviewed the three resignations.  After discussion, Fry made a motion to accept the resignations of Tim Windau, Jim Kanable and Sydni Winkler with regret.  Horner seconded the motion.  Board approved.
There being no further business, Buettner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:03 PM.  Wannemacher seconded the motion.   Board approved. 
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club Secretary