Posted by Anne Decker on Feb 17, 2022
There was a huge increase in the number of people adopting puppies during the pandemic.
Doodles topped the list, according to Dr. Adam Ferguson from Baker Animal Hospital. He told us that doodles are a mix of a poodle with another breed, such as a golden doodle, which is a golden retriever/poodle and labradoodle which is a Labrador retriever/poodle. "When I was a kid, we called these mixed breed mutts and you couldn't give them away. Now they're called designer dogs dogs and we pay a fortune for them." Dr. Ferguson says puppies were expensive during the pandemic. Among his clients, the average price of a puppy in the past year was $2,500. The most expensive dog he saw was a pocket pit (pit bull mixed with a smaller dog) which sold for $6,500.
Dr. Ferguson says basic healthcare for a puppy includes a full course of vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, dewormer, and spaying or neutering at the appropriate age. He says before you get a puppy, you should make sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment and can keep up with not just the feeding and basic care, but the veterinary care and disease prevention which will ensure a long, happy life for your puppy.