Posted by Anne Decker
Most of us would rather die than speak in public.
"Given the choice between being in the casket or giving the eulogy, most people in the room would say, 'I wanna be in the casket,'" says Doc Warr, Distinguished Toastmaster. Doc told us that fear of public speaking is not unusual. Toastmasters International can help people overcome that fear by helping them develop their speaking and leadership skills. The 26 week program costs $45 and helps people find their personal voice and become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders. Doc says Toastmasters starts with learning. People learn to develop their ability to speak properly, work with a mentor, and then they practice, practice, practice.  Toastmasters has several pathways which help develop business skills including interview preparation, online meeting management, leadership development, project management, and conflict resolution. "It's the best way to learn because it's all about practical application. You can't look at a video. You have to do physically do it and Toastmasters will help you with that."
Also at Monday's meeting, Linda Hamilton took a few minutes to say goodbye and thank the club for all their support of the West Ohio Food Bank. Linda is retiring after 5 years as director of the WOFB.
And we met our newest member, Sara Ambroza, Interim President/Annual Programs Coordinator at Mercy Health-St. Rita's Medical Center and wife of Abe Ambroza. Welcome, Sara!