Posted by Anne Decker
"Rotary moment" turns district governor into Rotarian.
Rotary District 6600 Governor Keith Hodkinson encourages us to broaden our Rotary horizons. "The real lifesaving humanitarian work of Rotary happens far away from Northwest Ohio. It happens in the mountains of Honduras, the hot humid cities of India, the cold villages in Mongolia. Rotary is everywhere doing everything for so many people and there are so many people that are in Rotary that have absolutely no idea what it is we do."
Keith experienced his Rotary moment eight years ago. His Tiffin Rotary Club invested in a project in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and Keith went along to help. They spent a week working in an orphanage for girls doing repairs and maintenance. The girls had had only two working toilets for three years. One of Keith's jobs was to repair the other three. "It was there on my back under a toilet in the most dangerous city in the world that I had my Rotary moment. With three Spanish speaking girls staring down at me, looking at me with smiles like they had just received a puppy on Christmas morning, all because the last of the toilets flushed. The most basic thing in the world and they were grateful. They gave me a gift. A huge gift. They taught me why I am a Rotarian."
"If all you do is come here for lunch on Monday at 12:00 noon and never doing anything out side of your club, you're missing out on a big part of what being a Rotarian is." Keith encourages us to get involved in Rotary and do our part to help make the world a better place.