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The Lima Rotary Club plans to build an amphitheater in downtown Lima!
The Rotary Club of Lima has announced plans to build an amphitheater in downtown Lima at the corner of Spring and Union. The amphitheater will feature a covered stage and sloping terraces for audience seating which will accommodate up to 800 people. The amphitheater will be used for concerts, plays, and other community events. It will be surrounded by green space and there are also plans to build an ice rink on the site. It will be across the street from the proposed downtown campus of Rhodes State College. The members of the Rotary Club of Lima voted today to contribute $150,000 from the Lima Rotary Foundation toward the approximately $1 million cost. The remainder of the funds will come from fundraising, within the club and the community, and grants. 
“Lima Rotary is excited to be a part of the revitalization of downtown Lima,” says Club President Tracie Sanchez. “We want to create a green space for the community to be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the park, with umbrella tables and chairs. Where food trucks can surround the park, the YMCA can hold yoga, kick boxing, and other classes outdoors. We look forward to movies in the park, arts festivals, kids festivals, outdoor concerts, and a permanent home for the Rallies on Friday nights. There will be ice skating and public restrooms. A place where college students can study, children can read a book or play in the park.”
A construction timeline has not yet been established as this project is in its infancy stages.
Annual Meeting
Here is part 1 of the minutes from the Rotary Club of Lima's Annual Meeting on April 23, 2018.
  1. Call to Order       
President Tracie Sanchez called the meeting to order on Monday April 23, 2018 at 12:05 PM
  1. Lima Rotary Club President’s Report                                                                                       
    1. Welcome & Opening Remarks
      1. In accordance with our club by laws, each year, prior to May 1, the Lima Rotary Club holds this annual meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to provide updates and reports from both the Lima Rotary Board and Lima Rotary Foundation, as well as discuss and approve resolutions regarding fundraising and projects for the next Rotary Year.  Healthy and productive communication is encouraged during this meeting.  Last but not least, the annual meeting allows for transparency, but more importantly, a source of education regarding the Lima Rotary Club and Lima Rotary Foundation and the operations of each.
      2. Per our bylaws, a quorum for this annual meeting is defined by 1/3 of our membership being present. For the record, we have 71 present (57 required for a quorum). Discussions and amendments should be made before the motion is fully proposed for adoption.  The business of this meeting will be transacted by a voice vote.
  2. Recognition Of Lima Rotary Board Of Directors 2018-2019                           
    1. Incoming President Swartz recognized the Officers and  Board of Directors for the coming Rotary Year, commencing July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 and asked them to please stand when their names were read:   Officers:  President-Paul Swartz, President Elect-Ken Dysert, Vice President-John Ficorilli, Secretary-Rita Brown, Treasurer-Kevin Bill, Board Members:  Dr. Susan Hubbell, Jed Metzger, Catheryn Sarno, Jeff Tracy and Tracie Sanchez as Immediate Past President will serve as an Ex Officio board member. New members Theresa Schnipke and Peggy Ehora.
    2. The three members who fulfilled their terms on the Board received a big Thank You:  They include:   Paul Crow, Dave Frost and Jill Ackerman.   Swartz thanked them for all their efforts and continued support to the Lima Rotary Club.
  1. Lima Rotary Foundation President's Report                                                                          
    1. President Jeff Fitzgerald presented the following lists of Grants paid for the full year 2017 and 2018 to-date:
January 2017
  1. MESA                                                  $ 500
  2. Celina Rotary                                     $2,000 assist medical mission to Costa Rica
  3. Soldiers Of Hone                              $2,000
  4. Allen Lima Youth Leadership       $2,000
  TOTAL                                                                 $6,500
April 2017
  1. High Octane Drumline                    $2,000   to purchase trailer to transport equipment
  2. Christian Corner                               $2,000 toward new air conditioner
                   TOTAL                                                              $4,000
July 2017
  1. DARE                                                  $2,000 to purchase t-shirts with Rotary emblem
  2. Soldiers of Honor                             $2,000 broken into separate requests for 2017
  3. Lima Symphony Orchestra            $3,865 for Kid Stuff at the Lima Public Library,
Young People’s Concert and tickets for Marimor clients
                                   TOTAL                                                                $7,865
         October 2017
  1. Rotary Display Case                         $1,000 It is a $5,000 project with $4,00 contributed by past club Presidents
  2. MESA                                                 $2,500 with another $2,500 in early 2018
  3. Guilding Light Ministries               $2,500 for safe, stable housing for women & children
  4. Dictionary Purchase                        $2,508 for Dictionaries for 3rd grade students in Allen County
                                  TOTAL                                                             $8,508
                                     GRAND TOTAL 2017                              $26,873
Late requests added on included:
  1. Barbers Give Bikes                           $1,500  Helmets and Rotary Logos for the Bikes
  2. Dictionary Extra                                $   132 added to above total
  3. Bath Rotaract                                     $     98   700+ mini flags handed out at Bath Basketball games
                AMENDED TOTAL 2017                             $28,603                                                 
January 2018 
  1. Allen Lima Youth Leadership       $2,500
  2. Family Promise                                 $1,000
  3. Mesa                                                     $2,500 to complete the $5,000 grant began in October 2017
                     TOTAL                                                             $6,000  
Fitzgerald stated it was an excellent year for the foundation in terms of awarding dollars back into the community.    He thanked the club members and club leadership for all the work and effort to give the Foundation Board the opportunity to put these dollars back into the community.
  1.  Recognition of Lima Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees 2018-2019 by the Incoming President.              
    1. Incoming President Elizabeth Brown-Ellis recognized the Officers and Board of Trustees for the coming Rotary Year, commencing July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, and asked If Board Members would please stand when their names were read:      Officers:  President- Elizabeth Ellis; Secretary- Heather Rutz, Treasurer- Jared Walsh and Board members- Jay Begg, Drew Fields, Linda Hamilton, Dr. Jeff Unterbrink, and new members Lesley Fry, Joe Watson and Beth Seibert.  The Incoming President will be Andy Wannemacher. 
    2. Three members have fulfilled their terms and will be leaving the Board:  Jeff Fitzgerald, Richard Warren and Butch Kirk.
    3. Brown-Ellis thanked them for all their efforts and continued support to the Lima Rotary Foundation.
  2. Sanchez presented the following  financial  report for the Treasurer of the Lima Rotary Club as of April 18, 2018:
Current Assets
Checking Account$38,548.55
Total Accounts Receivable$31,073.24
Total Fixed Assets$  2,210.00
Funds Held for Others
Lima RotaryFoundation
Blood Clinic$39.00
LRF – dues contributions$4,066.60
LRF – Scholarship Fund$3,304.30
Special Projects
Christmas Raffle & Auction(200.00)
                                                      Golf Outing                                                    973.96
                                                      MESA                                                          (70.00)
                                                      Reverse Raffle Fundraiser                    5,721.00                                                     
Total Special Projects$ 6,424.96
Lima Rotary Foundation – Other$11,965.00
Total Lima Rotary Foundation$25,800.06
Rotary International – EREY14,056.51
Rotary International – Polio Plus2,261.04
Rottery Funds     1,978.00
Total Funds Hold for Others$44,095.61
Homeless – Go Fund Me1,352.02
Visitor/Guest Meals  170.00
Total Current Liabilities$47,402.42
Total Equity$24,429.37
               TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                                                                                                       $71,831.79
A motion was made by Bill Timmermeister to approve the Club Treasurer’s Reports as submitted.  The motion was seconded by Chuck Wolfe.  Membership approved.
  1. Jared  Walsh, Treasurer of the Lima Rotary Foundation presented the financial report through March 31, 2017 for the six funds administered by the Foundation.
    1. General Fund                                                                                     $ 58,323.76
    2. Endowment Fund                                                                           $484.682.73       
    3. Hulsken Fund                                                                                     $ 62,831.13
    4. Scholarship Fund                                                                            $ 82,862.01
    5. The Buenos Noches Fund                                                             $       85.64
    6. Drumline Fund – Judge Warren helps oversee the fund     $   1,839.37
Total Fund Balances                                                                                       $690,624.64
Bob Ruehl asked what the difference in the Total Fund Balances was from last year.   Walsh stated the Total Fund Balances in June 2017 were $656,542.00.  Ruehl made a motion to approve the Foundation Treasurers Report.     The motion was seconded by Sam Bassitt.  Membership approved    
  1. Swartz provided a brief overview of the Historical Background, the Role of the Lima Rotary Foundation and the Selection and Authorization Process.  The Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation meet at least semi-annually to review projects and activities and confer on funding matters:  There are Five Resolution to consider. 
The Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation recommend the following:

Annual Meeting 2
Here is part 2 of the minutes from the Rotary Club of Lima's Annual Meeting on April 23, 2018.
Resolution #1- 2018-2019 Lima Rotary Fundraising Projects.  Goals & Purpose.
These are the proposed fundraising projects and the amounts anticipated.
  • Rotary Blood Clinics (Spring/Fall)               $20,000                 Unrestricted
  • Rotary Christmas raffle & Auction             $   4,000                Unrestricted
  • Rotary reverse raffle                                       $10,000                 Unrestricted
  • Rotary Rex Perry Golf Outing                       $35,000                 Scholarships
  • Rotary Rottery 50/50 fundraiser                 $  4,000                 Designated Charity
  • Rotary International Polio Plus                   $10,000                 RI polio plus fund
  • Rotary International Service                        $  7,000                 Buenos Noches Fund
  • Rotary Dues for Foundation                        $  8,000                 Unrestricted
Total estimated net proceeds$98,000.00
A motion was made by Michael Ayers to approve Resolution #1.   The motion was seconded by Carol Russell.  Resolution approved.
Resolution #2- 2018-2019  Lima Rotary Club Projects, Goals & Funding Sources.  These are the proposed distribution of the funds raised in #1 above + proposed new projects for long term goals.
  • Rotary Scholarships                                         $35,000                 Rex Perry Golf Outing
  • Buenos Noches Fund                                      $  7,000                 International Service
  • Designated charities Rottery                       $  4,000                 Rottery 50/50 choice of charity
  • Polio Plus RI                                                        $10,000                 Rotary International Polio Plus
  • Unrestricted funds- Foundation                $42,000                 Club fundraising
Total estimated distribution$98,000.00
Dr Steiner asked if Polio Plus will continue as an ongoing project with Rotary International as Polio is nearing extinction in the world.   David Runk stated the project could be continued for ten years after the last case to insure the disease has been eradicated.      A motion was made by Dr Steiner to approve Resolution #2.   David Runk seconded the motion.  Resolution approved.  
There are three Newly Proposed projects
  • Rotary Amphitheater- downtown Lima - (Proposed by Rich Rudolph) The proposed project would include an amphitheater that will seat 800 people, green space, an ice skating rink and restrooms.  It would be Rotary’s next big project.  Rotary would have naming rights for it.   Various locations have been evaluated.  Currently the club has a $1,000 in earnest hold on a $150,000 piece of land located on Spring Street and Union Street.    
  • Members of the Amphitheater committee have spoken with representatives of AEDG, Rhodes State College, ArtSpace/Lima, the Civic Center and the Council for the Arts, and all have agreed to the desirability of the proposed project.   
    • Estimated cost - $800,000 for the Amphitheatre, Green Space, Ice Skating Rink and Restrooms.
    • Estimated cost - $150,000 for the real estate.  
    • Funding sources
      • $150,000 commitment from Lima Rotary Foundation for land.
      • Possible grants from the State of OH for up to $500,000. Club will need to do $300,000 in Fund Raising.
The committee has contacted the City, the County, the City Park District and the Port Authority; the land must be held by a government entity in order to qualify for the grants. The Port Authority may agree to have the land transferred under its authority. Esther Cary currently owns the land. Rotary has an option until July to purchase the land secured by $1,000 in earnest money donated by Butch Kirk. Tim Stanford has brokered the deal with Esther Cary and has entered into an agreement for Rotary to purchase the land subject to feasibility studies.   
Members questioned who would own the land, who would be responsible for maintenance, who would book the entertainment, what is the timeline, and how the money would be raised. Sanchez stated that these issues are still under consideration, and that the proposal today is in its infancy. Pending the results of the feasibilities studies, the committee will seek resolution to these issues.
Sanchez explained that the proposal today was for the Club to adopt the Amphitheater Project and to commit $150,000 to the purchase of the land today. When we have Club buy-in, we will move forward to address the outstanding questions.
A motion was made by Ruehl to adopt the Amphitheater Project and commit $150,000 to the purchase of the land with the provision that the following requirements be met before the purchase is completed:
Obtaining Environmental Inspection showing the property free of contamination;  Approval by the Rotary Club of Lima’s Board of Directors and its membership within three (3) months from acceptance of this offer;  Final determination as to the suitability of the properties for the intended use as an outdoor amphitheater and skating rink; and,
Securing a responsible, post-development owner that will accept the donated ownership of the completed amphitheater and skating rink complex.  The motion was seconded by Berlin Carroll.  Motion approved.
  • Rotary Riverwalk extension from Lima Lake to OSU/Rhodes Campus.
    • Estimated cost unknown
    • Funding sources unknown
Roy Baldridge spoke in support of extending the Rotary Riverwalk to the OSU/Rhodes Campus.  Ever since the Rotary Ottawa River Walk was extended to the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park in Bath Township, the Regional Planning Commission has included plans to extend the Walk/Bikeway to The Ohio State University/Rhodes State University Campus.  The first phase of the project would be to connect the existing Walkway at Roush Road to Reservoir Road.  This ½ mile extension would connect the Rotary Walkway to over 1,000 households in Bath Township.  It would require crossing the CFE Railroad tracks and a bridge over Lost Creek.  The cost estimate is $792,588.  The second phase of the project would extend the Walk/Bikeway to the OSU/Rhodes Campus along the south side of Reservoir Road.  Most of this land is owned by the City of Lima, which supports this project.  The cost estimate for phase 2 is $2,040,426.  There are federal and state grants available to cover most of the costs.  The Walk/Bikeway would directly pass by the Proctor & Gamble Plant and connect with the Bike Trails available at the OSU/Rhodes State Campus.  Baldridge state this extension would be a tremendous benefit to our community, our east side neighborhoods and our universities.
A motion was made by Abe Ambroza to put together a committee to proceed with the planning and pursuing estimates of the cost to extend the Riverwalk to the OSU/Rhodes State Campus. The motion was seconded by Baldridge.    Motion approved.   
  • Kendrick Woods/Park Boardwalk replacement (Disabilities)
    • Estimated cost approximately $27,000.00 - now around $17,000
    • Funding sources
      • Split with Parks
      • Fundraising/ Hulsken Fund for some of it.
The original cost was estimated to be approximately $27,000 but with the access to lumber that President Sanchez has, the figure could be cut to $17,000.   If Rotary paid one half, the cost would be $8,500. 
A motion was made by Chief Joe Kitchen to approve the Kendrick Woods Boardwalk Project.  The motion was seconded by Chris Hardesty.  Motion approved.
Resolution #3- 2018-2019 Lima Rotary Club Partnership Projects.  These are the projects the Club adopts and deem important and the Lima Rotary Club recommends that they receive consideration by the Lima Rotary Foundation by way of a traditional grant application procedure.  Amounts to be determined by organizational needs and the LRF.
  • Lima Symphony Orchestra
  • Lima Rotary Club Dictionary Distribution
  • Salvation Army
  • High Octane Drum Line
  • Barbers gives bikes
  • Special Needs Christmas Party ( funded by the Hulsken Fund)
A motion was made by Steve Kayatin to approve Resolution #3.  The motion was seconded by Sam Bassitt.     Resolution approved.
Resolution #4- 2018-2019 Rotary Community Service Activities- These are Club service projects that benefit other organizations.
  • Salvation Army Kettle Drive
  • Salvation Army toys for tots/coat drive
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • West Ohio Food Bank Canned food/Hygiene Drive
  • Movies in the Park
  • Signed books to the Lima Public Library
  • 4-way speech/essay contest                                       cost $500.00
  • Rally in Square (Artspace)                                            cost $1,500/$2,500
A motion was made by Catheryn Sarno to approve Resolution #4.  The Resolution was seconded by David Runk.  Resolution approved.
Resolution #5- 2018-2019 Lima Rotary Foundation Support for District 6600 – These are District 6600 requests for the MESA Warehouse Operating Costs and Mortgage payoff.  
  • MESA Contribution                                                          $5,000.00
A motion was made by Harold Bischoff to approve Resolution #5.  The motion was seconded by Bob Ruehl.   Resolution approved. 
  1. New Business                                                                                                                                    Paul Swartz
Blood Clinic May 25th
Golf Committee right after meeting
Social meeting tomorrow evening
Scholarship meeting following this meeting
  1. Sanchez adjourned the Annual Meeting at 12:58 PM                                                                                                                                        .                                                                              
The Scoop - April 16, 2018
Students share their thoughts on the 4-Way Test.
Area students read essays and gave speeches on their thoughts illustrating the 4-Way Test at Lima Rotary Club Monday. The students were the first and second place winners of the Lima club’s essay and speech contests.
Alivia Buetner, a seventh-grade student at Elida Middle School, wrote about she applies the 4-Way Test to competitive dancing. Buetner said Rotary’s guiding principles help make her a better dancer, teammate and person.
Analei Jackson, also in seventh grade at Elida Middle School, used great historical figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela to illustrate each of the Test’s four questions.
Alexis Ball, a senior from Bath High School, repeated her winning speech about applying the 4-Way Test as she sets examples for her younger siblings. She talked about wanting to make large changes in the world, but coming to realize small changes make a big difference as well, including for her family and loved ones.
Reilie Lyons, a senior at Lima Senior High School, spoke about “saying yes” to things, even when she already has much on her plate. Some people tell her she has to learn to say no, she said, but saying yes continues to make a difference, she said.
In other Rotary business:
Bob Ruehl gave an update on the club’s Honduras sanitation improvement. Ruehl was in the country performing an audit on the project. The $200,000 began in 2014 and is currently slightly behind in construction because of recent weather. The project includes construction of latrines and a sanitation system, to remove bacteria from drinking water sources, and education of families about the need for latrine use.
Carol Russell and Rhonda McKinley earned their blue badges and turned in their red badges.
Blood Clinic
The Lima Rotary Club's Spring Blood Clinic is May 5.
The Lima Rotary Club is pleased to offer low cost blood screenings at our Spring Blood Clinic. For your convenience, you can download the registration form from our website under the Forms tab.
District Assembly
The District Assembly is this Saturday, April 28th at Kalahari, in Sandusky, OH.  Click here for more information.
District Conference
The Rotary District 6600 Conference is May 18-20th in Toledo.  We have a group going and if you would like to car pool, contact Tracie Sanchez at or 419-296-1338.