Monday's Meeting
The Lima Rotary Club will meet in person on Monday, July 20. Since Allen County is now at Level 3, we ask that everyone please wear a face covering except when you're eating. Our guest speaker is Tina Koester from the Convention & Visitors Bureau who promises a fun program called Never Have I Ever. Please plan to attend!
Dream Team
The first meeting of the Dream Team! We had dinner and talked about membership, programs, social, fellowship, dues and the future of Lima Rotary. More good things to come.
Rotary Committees and Activities 2020-2021
Each year around this time, we put out a form at the club meetings that offers all club members the opportunity to select the activities and committees they would like to be a part of for the upcoming year. Do you want to help with the Salvation Army Bell Ringing or the Special Needs Christmas Party? Or would you rather work on the Program Committee? Maybe you would like to be a part of Fellowship this year. How about the Golf Outing?
This year, to simplify the process, Anne has put together an electronic version of the Committees. You will be receiving it in a few days through your email or you can find it here.
Once you complete your selections and hit submit, your form will be returned directly to me. I will enter your selections into our Club Runner Lima Rotary Club database. 
Doing this is so helpful to the Committee Chairs and also ensures you have the opportunity to share your time doing the activities that interest you most!
Thank you!
The Scoop - July 13, 2020
The federal government awards $559 billion in contracts every year and only 18 Allen County companies are taking advantage of that.
"There is a lot of money out there available for small businesses and unfortunately ,not much of that money is coming here to Allen County," says the Coordinator of Rhodes State College's Procurement Technical Assistance Center. "The government doesn't manufacture anything. They don't produce anything.They have to rely on the private sector for all their goods and services. The government has a goal to spend 23% or 128 billion dollars a year on the small businesses. It's going somewhere so why not Allen County?" The PTAC Center is available to help small businesses secure federal contracts. They will help your business identify its core competencies and decide what you do best, complete the necessary registrations to sell to governments, develop marketing strategies to help you sell to governments, and then find available contracts that fit your business. PTAC's services are funded by the US Defense Logistics Agency and the Ohio Development Services Agency and hosted by Rhodes State College, so its services are free to small businesses. You can contact PTAC at 419-995-8283 or
Board Highlights 
Here are the highlights from the July 14 board meeting.
Call to Order                                                                                                         John Ficorilli
President Ficorilli called the Board to order at 11:32 AM with the following members present:  Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Jeff Fitzgerald, Keith Horner, Theresa Schnipke, Derek Stemen, Andy Wannemacher and Ken Dysert.  Also present were Treasurer Dan Best and Secretary Rita Brown.
Secretary’s Report                                                                                               Rita Brown
Attendance report
The year ended with 155 members or a mix of 151 Active and Active Corporate along with 4 Honorary Members.  For the year, we are down 11 Active and Honorary members in total.  During June, the club held five meetings on Zoom with monthly attendance averaging 30.88%. 
Dashboard statistics at the end of the year show the follow demographics:
The Average Age of Active Members is 56 and Honorary Members is 85.
Our Male/Female Ratio is 74% Male and 26% Female – We are down 4% Female Members from the previous year. 
Our Average Number of Years of Service is 13 Years.   The largest group of members in the club has between 1 – 5 years’ service with that group making up 35% of our membership.
President's Report                                                                                                John Ficorilli
Board Member Committee Assignments
Board Members will be assigned to various Committees and will report their activities at the Board Meetings.   
District Governor Visit and Joint Board Meeting
Previously the Rotary Board and the Foundation Board met with the District Governor in a Joint Meeting.  This year with COVID-19 restraints, the DG’s in-person meeting will be with Ficorilli and some Board Members.  
Officer & Paid Position Succession Plan
Ficorilli welcomed New Board Members – Keith Horner, Derek Stemen and Andy Wannemacher. 
Farley made a motion to approve the following positions effective July 1, 2020:  Jeff Fitzgerald to the position of Incoming President and Derek Stemen to the position of Vice President along with Ken Dysert  to the role of  President Ex-Officio. In addition, Anne Decker was re-appointed to the Social Media and Marketing position, Amy Ricker was re-appointed Treasurer’s Clerk, and Rita Brown was named Club Secretary each at the rate of $400 a month.  Dysert seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Paul Harris- EREY – Annual Fund Trends
Since 2016 -2017, the club has had a goal of participation in the Rotary International Annual Fund Giving of $17K
(EREY at $100 per year).  Members exceeded that goal in 2016 – 2017 by achieving giving of $18K.  In 2017 – 2018 giving was at $19K.  In 2018 – 2019, the Club did not achieve the goal with giving at $15K and in 2019 – 2020, giving was at $13K.  The Club was not able to meet during the final quarter of 2019 – 2020.  During 2020 – 2021, a renewed effort to provide focused training on EREY will be offered once each month during a Club Meeting.
Acknowledgement of Deceased Club Members
  1. Ralph Ellis  Member from 11/1972 - 6/2020     PP 2001 -2002
  2. June Miller – Honorary Member   7/2018 – 6/2020 
The Board observed a moment of silence for the two deceased members. 
Board Reports:                                                                   
Golf outing                                                                                                       Andy Wannemacher
Wannemacher reported all hole sponsors were named and 19 teams are registered.  50/50 tickets are still available.  An email blast that includes the form will be sent and information will be posted on Facebook.  Tickets will sell for $10 each.  The event will be held on August 26, 2020.   
Treasurer’s Report                                                                                              Dan Best
Financial Reports
Best reviewed the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement for the full year.  He stated Net Income is overstated as funds collected for the Golf Outing are included but not yet forwarded to the Lima Rotary Foundation.  Also Rotary International Dues for the current six month period will be posted in the next few days.  Best also reviewed the A/R Aging Summary.   Dues have been posted for the first and second quarter.  Best has been calling members in arrears  to make arrangements for payment.   An updated A/R aging Summary for July 14, 2020 was reviewed.  The report indicated payments are being received.  Farley made a motion to approve the Treasure’s report as submitted.  Fitzgerald seconded the motion.  Board approved.
New Business                                                                                                       John Ficorilli
                New Member Application                                                                                  Rita Brown
                Sara Ambroza, Mercy Health/St Rita's
Sara is requesting to join the Mercy Health/St Rita’s Corporate Membership Plan.   A motion was made by Wannemacher to approve her application.  Stemen seconded the motion. Board approved.
  1. Steve Romey
  2. Dr. Don Knowles
  3. Nathan Garlock
  4. Steve Barker
Buettner made a motion to accept the resignations with regret.   Horner seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Membership Month  
Ficorilli stated August will be Membership Month.  Adah Ellerbrock is Chairman of the Membership Committee.  Dave Frost and Tim Sielschott will work with her on the committee.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club Secretary  
New Year Help
 We need your involvement in the new year to make the Lima Rotary Club better than ever.
As we navigate the pandemic and begin our new Rotary year, I need some help.  We need to make sure our members who are attending online due to health or work reasons have a great experience.  We need people with some technical ability to help with Facebook/Zoom during our meetings.  If we can get a few people, we can really improve our online presence and keep our remote members engaged.  Please see John or Anne for details.  We need to get Rottery back on track.  Drew Fields has done a great job, but he is not able to head this role any longer, and I am looking for a couple of people who can take turns running it.  We will see changes here also, and may need to come up with touchless transactions (think Venmo or account billing).  See Drew or John for details/ideas etc.  Lastly, with no fall blood clinic, we will need to replace that event with added fundraising efforts.  Lesley and I are planning on meeting next week to look at options.  All ideas are welcome!  Above all else, we are a SERVICE club.  Our community has needs and we need to raise funds to help meet those needs.  Contact Lesley or John with ideas and let us know how you can help.  If you are reading this, we want your feedback.  I know we can do this together!
See the amazing winners from this year's Rotary photo contest.
The Rotarian’s annual photo contest received more than 600 entries from 56 countries and geographical areas this year. The photographs take the viewer from the vast plains of Inner Mongolia to the manmade canyons of Hong Kong. See the winners and honorable mentions, and meet our judge, photographer Damon Winter, whose powerful, emotional images of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign won him a Pulitzer Prize in 2009. 
Two new courses this month in our Toastmasters series can help you continue to develop your speaking skills.

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